Naushad Rahman

Hi, my name is Naushad Rahman. This is my son Afnaf Nuashad who is having cerebral palsy and he is having an intellectual disability. He is 14 years now. He was diagnosed with this ailment at the age of 2 and then only we started his medication but his millstones were much delayed. At the age of 4, we started with his speech therapy and occupational therapy. He was also on seizures medicines. Till now,
we were only following these 3 therapies. He had gradually improved with these therapies, especially speech therapy. However, at the age of 6, his condition wasn’t much improved as per his age. When we were searching for some clinical treatment for this disorder, we came across stem cell therapy. Whole probing more about this therapy, we found about Stem Cell Care India. It is one of the best centers for
stem cell therapy. We had a chat with its representative and once we did lot of studies, we found this one of much convenient for us and we decided to come down here for our treatment. My son has undergone stem cell treatment here and we hope for the best for the future.

Paul Was Treated Of Intellectual Disabilities In India

Hi, I am Paul’s friend. Paul suffered from intellectual disabilities since he was 6 years old. Stem Cell Care India has given us scores of new hope. We had listened to lots of positive stories about and I really believe in it. And since last time we have been here in India, I have been noticing and a lot of individuals have told us that this therapy really works. After undergoing this treatment, Paul is able to understand much more. His attention is much better. We really want to thank the team of SCCI.

Mariam Received Stem Cell Treatment From Intellectual Disabilities

I am Mariam’s mom. I have to say that I have been most awe-struck by the Stem Cell Care India’s overall professional approach and the advantage that my daughter Mariam had received from the stem cell injection as she was suffering from some intellectual disabilities. The staff was excellent and quickly answered any questions I had regarding the treatment and expected outcomes. I can’t say enough good things about the doctors that SCCI connected me to. I feel that they have given me hope and a chance to see my beloved daughter get rid of her disability and grow into a decent adult.