Stella from Brazil Came India for Stem Cell Treatment for ALS

Stella, a 48-year-old patient from the Brazil, got stem cell treatment for ALS and continues to see progresses in her health state. Stella received regenerative treatment, which included inoculations via IV and lumbar puncture, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. Following the treatment, this 48-year-old ALS patient reports that she saw more than a few improvements to her condition. Getting up on her own feet, Stella observes more power in her legs as well as in the joints. Also, she can now sit up with the shoulder and back straight. In her interview, Stella shared her feelings that she has made a correct decision coming here to go through stem cell treatment. She is also enormously enthusiastic to see even more improvements in the future.

Jossie from Australia Came India for Stem Cell Treatment for ALS

Jossie, 34 from Australia was detected with ALS. She tried to learn as much as she could about the ailment and prospective treatment alternatives. Eventually, she learns about Stem Cell Care India. She reached out and spoke with one of SCCI’s patient representatives. After more than a few calls, she decided to go through stem cell treatment here. Jossie felt more drained and exhausted before starting her treatment. Via the blend of treatments she got at SCCI, she made momentous progress towards retrieval. On top of stem cell therapy, Jossie underwent an amalgamation of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and hydrotherapy. These treatments were tailor-made specifically to engage her body in a way that matches her stem cell treatment. In addition to the treatment she got, Jossie was comprehensively impressed with the admirable quality of care she got from the team of SCCI. She also appreciated the environment and quality of the facilities that she saw here.

Noah Woods, 47 year old American Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Noah Woods, a 47-year-old American patient was spotted with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In a quest for a treatment that would support her, Noah’s friend discovered Stem Cell Treatment at Stem Cell Care India. After an in-depth research, Noah became more assertive in this treatment plan available in India. As a part of her personalized treatment plan, she received stem cell injections via IV and lumbar puncture, which according to her is the most crucial method in the procedure; and also an extensive Rehabilitation program, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc. She stated “the staff here was brilliant and rapidly replied to all the questions I had. The fact that the doctors in charge are so much experienced and veteran people involved in stem cell therapy internationally made me feel tremendously privileged and that I couldn’t be in better hands. Within his first 10 days of my Stem Cell treatment for ALS, I began showing signs of advancement.” She showed an enhanced aptitude to speak and swallow. She was also markedly stronger than when she first arrived for the stem cell treatment.

Julie From United States Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Julie was diagnosed with ALS while in the United States. She tried her level best to find a treatment that would suit her maximum, but the exploration proved fruitless. After eyeing at a few options online, she decided that Stem Cell Care India’s stem cell treatment protocol in India was very broad and was precisely what she was eyeing for. Thanks to the stem cell treatment, Julie is now able to stand without any difficulty, swallow better and her hands have amended too, as equated to before getting the treatment. She was enthralled by the care she had gotten during her treatment here in India. She also claimed that the facilities were extremely hygienic and the food was great too.

Mr. Bilal from Pakistan Came to India for ALS Treatment

Mr. Bilal, 62 years from Peshawar Pakistan was a healthy and active guy till about 5 years ago when he started feeling some feebleness in the thumb on the left leg. Gradually, he stared getting incidences of foot drop and within one year of starting of indications he was inept to walk and was restrained to a wheel chair. He also lost the power in the upper limbs soon subsequently. He got in touch with the finest neurological centers in Pakistan and was identified with ALS. The sickness continued to progress and gradually his power to speak and usage of all 4 limbs got affected. That is when the family began investigating on the internet for substitute treatments. They studied about stem cells on the internet and their local doctors recommended them to go for the treatment which promised to alleviate the sickness and stop its progression. They got in touch with Stem Cell Care India, Delhi, India and sent over their medical reports to be investigated. Experts at the clinic recommended the family by explaining the treatment process, risks and victory rates and guided them to go for stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy was executed on the patient using patients own body sources viz. patients bone marrow and patient’s mesenchymal cells. The cells were processed and re-vaccinated in the patient via Lumbar Puncture and IV. The patient endured the whole process very well without any impediments. Approximately 160 Million cells from were re-injected into the patient. As per the patient’s nephew, they saw some upgrading in the patient from 5th day of process where he had started to express himself in a better way than before. The concluding outcomes will be known in 4-6 months’ time and expectantly patient will benefit enormously from the therapy. Mr. Bilal says that doctors are very proficient of this clinic and he hasn’t been very well looked after.The facility is faultlessly clean, the food is phenomenal, the staff is so welcoming and attentive. He really feels that they have made him their favored and looked after him very well. And wholly, it has been an unbelievably positive experience.

Mr. Angad from Norway Came to India for the Treatment of ALS

57 year old, Mr. Angad was a nobleman and had a very jubilant personality. A talented businessman, he owned one of the most famed Asian restaurants in Norway. About 4 years ago, he began having speech disorders and consequently started losing muscle power. He was then diagnosed with ALS. His condition started to depreciate speedily as he started losing ability to chew, swallow and basic motor roles. They were undergoing treatment in Norway for ALS but nothing fruitful was happening. He was also recommended few medications which he took for some time but then after-effects of the medication started cropping up and he essentially became worse than before. So, then Rehman (Angad’s son) began eyeing for other options for treatment and based ob far-reaching research, they found that mesenchymal stem cell therapy can possibly have a cure for ALS. So, he approached India based Stem Cell Care India for Stem Cell Therapy.

Mr. Angad opted for stem cell therapy with SCCI in August 2014 with the optimism of stopping the evolution of the disease and also recuperating lost motor functions.On December 13, 2014, Mr. Angad was cured thanks to an experimental process, which extracted some of his own blood stem cells; they were then genetically amended to remove the gene that causes the issue, and then re-infused to him. The revised blood stem cells created a new blood system and a healthy immune system adept of fighting off infections.  Now that Mr. Angad is cured of his disease, he is getting ready to go back to his business full-time.