Patrick Came To India For Osteomalacia Stem Cell Treatment

Patrick has been suffering from this disease since past 6 years. After trying all the treatment options, Patrick decided to visit India for stem cell treatment of Osteomalacia. In her endeavors, Stem Cell Care India helped her a lot. After the treatment, she is able to experience a lot of improvement in her body and her life. She found the team of SCCI to be very professional.

Kylie Came To India From Switzerland For Stem Cell Treatment Of Osteomalacia

I am Kylie and my age is 34. In July of 2016, I was diagnosed with Osteomalacia. After a lot of research and discussion with my family, I decided to fly to India for receiving stem cell treatment via SCCI. I got my stem cells and was instantaneously feeling fantastic. I continued to feel good and bit by bit I felt a lot better. I observed that my stamina was improving at a great speed. Every month I felt better and had improved stamina. I am able to work more diligently at my workplace and I still take care of myself but I use much less medications and seem to get around in a lot better way.