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stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

In the past times, there have been voluminous diseases which were fatal for the human race but in today’s contemporary times, all these disease are luckily curable. And the credit can be attributed to stem cell treatment in Delhi that we, at StemCellCareIndia offer. Stem cell therapy is a type of genetic medicine. The idea is to bring new cells that are cultivated from laboratory to swap impaired tissue. Diseases that are incurable now may be remediable with this pioneering biotechnology.

Human body is encompassed of diverse kinds of specialized cells. All these specialized stem cells devise from stem cells. The stem cells have the potential to differentiate or develop into a variety of specific cell categories. This is why stem cell therapy is considered a medical miracle with an enormous promise for the treatment of various kinds of diseases. It is all about substituting the impaired and ill cells with the new ones so as to cure the protracted diseases.

With this is mind, StemCellCareIndia, a leading international stem cell clinic in Delhi offers a comprehensive range of stem cell solutions for the treatment of diverse types of diseases. Our primary focus is assisting people to regain their good health through stem cell treatment. We have association with many top hospitals, research institutions and medical colleges specializing in regenerative medicine to offer worthwhile healthcare facilities.

How Therapy Works

stem cell therapy

When stem cells are transplanted into the body and arrive into the injured part, they come in contact with certain chemicals in the body.

Type of Stem Cells

stem cell

Stem cells can self-renew to make more stem cells or differentiate to form specialized cell types such as muscle cells…

Stem Cell Implantation

Optic Nerve Atrophy Treatment

A stem cell transplant, also called bone marrow transplant is a procedure that infuses healthy cells, called stem cells, in the body …

Limitations of Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy

This research may pose unpleasant effects and negative interference with nature and other elements……..

Stem Cell Therapy Cost

The cost of the therapy depends on the type of disease, injury and other health related problems. An expert healthcare…

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