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How do our stem cells work?

Stem cells, called the ‘future of medicine’ have remarkable qualities besides being the potential contenders for treating many fatal diseases. This unique quality of stem cells have left us to wonder “How can a group of cells; plunging from a single original cell is used to treat ailments?” Well, the answer lies in the mechanism of how stem cells work! Though the science does not have a thorough answer to this query, but surely it has a justification. There are lots of proofs from the gathered research and clinical data that these are the creator cells i.e. they have the ability to develop most of the cells of the body.

They are indistinguishable cells lying inactive in the body. At the time of wound, these cells are triggered by the convoluted molecular machinery and signaling mechanism, which will control their fate. In addition to being segregated to specialized cells thus renewing a tissue; these cells are also function as bricks. Bricks those are adept of excreting certain signals that bring the brick mason and general contractor to the overhaul. This phenomenon is called as paracrine effect. With the assistance of cell to cell signaling, these cells secrete certain chemicals such as growth factors, hormone, cytokines which act as regulatory devices to arrange the repair job. Intrinsic messaging between stem cells is fundamentally a key to activate sequence of cellular pathways thusmending the cells and acting as a stimulant to replace impaired cells. Thus giving rise to the most imperativeadvantage of stem cells i.e.3R’s i.e. regeneration, repair and rejuvenation.

Though stem cells are trivial, but they are indeedvery smart…

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