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Integrative Health Recovery Program: Look after your health

Stem Cell Care India is proud to offer access to the stem cell industry’s first Integrative Health Recovery Program under the direction of our experts. This Integrative Health Recovery Program will work toward improving long-standing treatment result heightened stem cell treatments. Patients who get stem cell therapy via SCCI are now equipped with multiple treatment modalities which use an integrative methodology to accomplishment-standing health.

A pioneering blend of science and medicine

The Integrative Health Recovery Program is the stem cell industry’s first all-inclusive health recovery program. Our objective is to offer patients access to treatment options to target the root cause and pathophysiology of their sickness. This Health Recovery Program is aimed to improve the effectiveness of each patient’s stem cell treatment by primarily preparing their body before treatment then continuing their treatment via the retrieval process.

Treating the patient and not the symptoms

The Integrative Health Recovery Program uses a novel methodology in medicine which targets the triggers of a patient’s sickness as opposed to simply addressing its symptoms. The ultimate objective is to reestablish the body’s natural aptitude to function at its most optimum level. This is accomplished by using the latest in genetic science, systems biology, diagnostics and the understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the evolution of disease. Once the underlying prompts a patient’s disease/condition are identified, a treatment plan can be executed to offer a rehabilitated sense of well-being and might considerably upsurge their health and vivacity.

The Health Recovery Program will use the following methodology:

  • Add what is deficient in the body to restore balance in the key physiological processes.
  • Confiscate toxins, triggers or factors that obstruct the body from moving toward its optimum state of health.

Comprehend your body’s potential

The objective of The Integrative Health Recovery Program is to deliver treatment to maximize the power of each patient’s stem cell treatment to a much higher level. We offer access to stem cell therapy pooled with advanced, expert integrative modalities that maximize the impact of both treatments. By doing so, we hope to create an improved environment for the stem cells to prosper and eventually improve the patient’s overall quality of life.

Integrative Health Recovery Program

The Integrative Health Recovery Program is delivered in combination with each patient’s stem cell treatment. Before coming to Stem Cell Care India for treatment, each patient will get an initial Health Recovery Plan that will formulate them for their stem cell treatment so as to maximize its effects. The Health Recovery Plan will first look to classify the factors in the body accountable for the malfunction. Only then can treatment classify those factors in a way apt for each patient’s situation. Via this program, patients can get leading-edge stem cell therapy with integrative modalities to offer them with even more weapons to fight their sickness.

Integrative Health Recovery Blueprint

Initial Clinical Assessment

Before arriving for stem cell treatment, every patient will complete an initial pre-operative work-up. Once this clinical evaluation is completed, a plan of action, comprising of numerous modalities, can be designed specifically around your body’s prerequisites.

Phase I Pre-treatment Preparation

The Phase I preparation is initiated before visiting SCCI for your stem cell treatment. You will be offered with an individualized plan that can be easily and non-invasively applied to your daily routine as well as a all-inclusive health questionnaire and detailed directions on achieving essential medical data.

Phase II Pre-treatment Preparation

The Phase II preparation will be instigated during your visit to Stem Cell Care India. This will begin with a more detailed investigation and assessment. Once your evaluation is complete, your medical team will provide more cutting-edge, integrative modalities to further ready your body for stem cell treatment by creating an optimum environment for your stem cells to flourish.

Stem Cell Therapy

Once your body is prepared, you will be all set to get your stem cell treatment.


After visiting SCCI, every patient will get customized post-treatment recommendations to accomplish the most optimum outcome from their stem cell treatment. Patients will have regularly organized follow-up calls completed with our enormously experienced health recovery team members. During these follow-ups, the team might make recommendations to improve your retrieval even further. Eventually, the team will assess and gauge the improvements in every patient’s current condition to make recommendations in the treatment regimen to persistently augment your health recovery.