Matt from Dallas, US Came to India to Seek Autism Stem Cell Treatment

My son Matt James was suffering from Autism disorder. He was born with Down syndrome and a duodenal artresia and annular pancreas. This was surgically rectified within some days after birth and after a hospital stay of about 6 weeks. We, as his parents stimulated his development and played and intermingled with Matt intensively. This occasioned in her development being only slightly delayed. Within a couple of months, matt lost his signs and words and she seemed deaf, not reacting to our voices or music. Eye contact was severely reduced, she snubbed to walk, stopped playing with his toys, developed extreme sleeping difficulties and temper irritabilities. His development had stopped and he withdrew himself wholly. When he was about 3 years old, he received the diagnosis autism and it came positive. On February 17, 2011 Matt (age 7) underwent stem cell therapy as we took him to India. There were no side-effects and the treatment caused only trifling discomfort to Matt. Within some days of treatment, Matt started showing more interest in his daily routines, he started imitating more enthusiastically and we saw an upsurge in his self-help skills.

His cognitive aptitudes have significantly improved. His expressive language, which used to be always very low, has enhanced with knowing when to say “please” and “thank you” and requesting now before he has a meltdown or needs to be impelled. His receptive language went from about 80% to 100% making him much more obedient. Also, his sense of humor is overexcited, he teases us now. His social interaction has also upgraded with being more interested in who is around and not finding another room away from everybody. His loudness has declined from 110% to about 15% and our house is a much more peaceful place now. We are really happy with the outcome of the stem cells treatment for my son so far.

Mohammad AL Zubairi, USA Came to India for AUTISM Treatment

Mohammad AL Zubairi 7 Years old was suffering from Autism. He was unable to speak and he walks on his toe, basically he was a toe walker. He get aggressive, when he feel hungry. He was a bad sleeper. He sleeps only for 4 hours. Doctor advised for the Stem cell therapy. We undertook him, for stem cell therapy.  After few months, i started noticing the improvement in him. Now my child is a normal walker and started speaking. Thank you STEM CELL CARE INDIA, NEW DELHI.

Jennifer from Sydney Came to India for Autism Treatment

I am Phil from Sydney. My daughter Jenifer was suffering from Autism since childhood. After agonizing for so many years, I was very tense and I planned to communicate with StemCellCareIndia team to help me to give some valued suggestions or treatment to cure my kid.

After I came to India for my daughter’ treatment, the clinic used her own stem cells drawn from her hip bone marrow, centrifuged it next day, then reinserted via lumbar puncture the subsequent day (2.95 million cells). Both the processes were speedy and not invasive at all. I instantaneously saw momentous improvements in my daughter’s behaviors, concentration, hyperactivity and insomnia. I would rate a general improvement of about 40% and certainly, this is a huge source of happiness for a family living with autism. My daughter had already started sleeping through the night for the first time (She was 12 10 years old and yet could sleep peacefully every night) since stem cell treatment. Jennifer is happier just in her own skin, a lot less exasperated and just usually more contented. She is getting through her one-on-one therapy more rapidly, better concentrated and more obedient. Obviously, this spectacular scenario amazes me that this simple, non-controversial therapy cannot be done here in Sydney. At the year mark, I revisit and feel truthfully blessed at the progress my daughter has made. Her frustration level went down from about 75% to 10% and her hyperactivity perhaps 99% to 20%. Her leg squeezing about 90% to 1% and me and her mother are truly amazed to see this. We want to thank the team of Stem Cell Care India’s team for directing us so well and giving is our happy daughter back again!

David Watson Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

I am David Watson from United State of America, due to Autism disorder of my daughter Maria since childhood I was very tense and have contacted to Stemcellcareindia team to help me to give a valuable suggestion or treatment to cure my child.

Their team mate have sent me the all the detail through email. Stem Cell Therapy is very useful to my child and now after the therapy my child is normal, thanks to support and effort for my daughter.

Wasim Khan Story Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

I am Wasim Khan, Father of sara Khan from Afghanistan who is suffering from Autism from last 3 years, I have contacted to all the possible treatment in Pakistan and got a nothing and 2 month back contacted to stemcellcareindia team to help us for the treatment.

Management is excellent to coordinate us for the stem cell therapy in India they pickup me from the airport and Doctor and supporting staff is well educated and trained to support in terms of providing stem cell therapy.

Sheikh Saleem from Qatar Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

Stemcellcareindia team is very supporting to providing my child who is suffering from Autism disorder. They organized a meeting with the doctor in the hospital for the Autism treatment is done. Medical supervision of team of doctor and supporting staff helped me in each step of stem cell treatment. Supporting staff helped me to Airport Pickup to Hospital, Hotel, Accommodation, Visa and interpretation services.

After the treatment concerned Doctor of the clinic also stay in contact with us to corresponding patients through telephone or email. By doing this, they have given the precise feedback about their progress and also suggest further recovery if required. Sheikh Saleem from Qatar