Paula From Canada Came India for Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Ageing

I am a 59-year-old lady from Canada. My name is Paula I want to thank a lot to the team of SCCI and I really appreciate the professional and topnotch facilities that Stem Cell Care India provided me with while I was there to undergo the stem cell therapy for anti-ageing. The patient manager and the entire staff I dealt and communicated with was very professional and observant to my requirements and guaranteed that I feel totally normal and comfortable throughout my treatment. In fact, the crew of stem cell professionals was categorically frank in making me comprehend about how stem cell therapy works, what precautions I have to take to make certain that the effect is sustained for long. After the Therapy in India at SCCI, I am experiencing and feel younger appearances with abridged wrinkles and age spots. My energy level after stem cell therapy is quite great and I have no feeling of exhaustion or feebleness and my cerebral and bodily health has been considerably enhanced.

Shazia from Bangladesh Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

We are from Bangladesh. My 53-year-old wife Shazia was detected with Alzheimer’s disease 1.5 years back and it happened so hurriedly and without a care that we all were much traumatized. Several doctors in our nation recommended that she had Alzheimer’s and it is in the initial stage so one of our family physicians recommended us to take her to India for stem cell treatment. I investigated on the internet for the varied centers providing Stem cell treatment for this condition and I happened upon the Stem Cell Care India. After a transitory discussion and consultation with the crew of this centre over a few weeks, we made up our mind to take my wife to this center in India for her stem cell therapy for Alzheimer’s. From day 1 till her last day of treatment, we got gigantic support and attention from the crew of experts in SCCI and after the prosperous treatment we are back in our nation and my wife is under post-therapy chapter and we can see loads of improvement in her situation.

Christopher from Nigeria Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Christopher from Nigeria was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis some years back. After doing some research online, Christopher and his wife reached out to one of the Stem Cell Care India’s patient representatives in India. These consultations guaranteed them of their decision to travel to India for the stem cell treatment. After getting the stem cell treatment, he is now able to speak more unmistakably, stand up straight and walk without any support. He has also seen momentous improvements with his hand activities. His therapies and treatments have not only affected his physical wellbeing, but at large, he feels quite improved after the whole treatment experience. He was also mesmerized with the facilities and staff of SCCI. He found the staff to be very gentle and soft-spoken. In all, his treatment experience has been very delightful.

Prakash Aiyappa from Kerala Came Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment of kidney disorder

Prakash Aiyappa from Kerala: My uncle is 65 years old. He was detected for diabetes and CKD. He is under medicine for a very long time. Recently, doctor suggested him to keep him on dialysis for every 3 days. Yesterday he was on dialysis for the 5th time. Means, still new. His creatinine level is 9.8. Albumin, RBC, HGB and Lymphocytes levels are also very low. My uncle had consistently resisted requirements for a dialysis and desired to opt for stem cell therapy so to circumvent the necessity of dialysis in future as well. We came to Stem Cell Care India where his treatment started. We are very happy with the staff and the doctors here. Also, my uncle’s condition is improving day by day with the stem cell treatment. Thanks to the team of Stem Cell Care India.

Mr. Nadia From UAE Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Chronic Respiratory Failure

Mr. Nadia, 43 year old gentleman from UAE had been suffering from Chronic Respiratory Failure and Central Sleep Apnea virtually his whole life. Doing any kind of physically vigorous work was a real challenge for Mr. Nadia and with time his dependence on artificial oxygen grew to virtually 16 hours per day. Continuous headway of the ailment and finding no respite in his own country forced him to do some exploration on alternative treatments obtainable and that is when he read about Stem Cell therapy. Mr. Nadia and his wife did their investigation and lastly zeroed in on Stem Cell Care India, a stem cell therapy company, in New Delhi, India to get Stem Cell therapy done. After the treatment, he felt so much better and is now able to get back to a healthy life. He want to thanks the team of SCCI.

Daisy from California Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

29 year-old Daisy from California was identified with Cerebral Palsy. Her mother was very much sure not to just accept things as they are and enthusiastically find out ways to treat her daughter. She ultimately came across Stem Cell Care India and reached out to them. After some time and tests, the doctors here took on her case. Daisy, her mother, and her father, flew to India to get the treatment. She experiences apparent improvements after treatment. After getting treatment, her mother detected various improvements in her daughter’s activities. Daisy demonstrated improved control over her legs and arms. In terms of reasoning, she is better able to comprehend and implement movements. All of these perfections were not apparent before she underwent the stem cell treatment with SCCI. Daisy also received physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. All of which were cherished by her family and have demonstrated to be highly contributory to the progress experienced by her.

Jamal From Indonesia Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Diabetic

My wife 56yr old husband Mr. Jamal Indonesia is having some serious heart problems. He had a triple bypass surgery and artificial valves were put in around June 2018. His retrieval seemed to be ok after a couple of weeks, but since then he says he does not feel any healthier than he did before his operation. His chest discomforts are becoming more recurrent and his blood pressure is getting shoddier day by day. Doctors also told him that he might be pre diabetic. He was a long time smoker but had quit smoking 2 years ago. I had lost all hopes of him recovering but then I came to India via Stem Cell Care India for seeking stem cell treatment. It has been 3 weeks since my husband’s treatment and he has started feeling better now. We are really grateful to the team of SCCI.

Noah Woods, 47 year old American Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Noah Woods, a 47-year-old American patient was spotted with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In a quest for a treatment that would support her, Noah’s friend discovered Stem Cell Treatment at Stem Cell Care India. After an in-depth research, Noah became more assertive in this treatment plan available in India. As a part of her personalized treatment plan, she received stem cell injections via IV and lumbar puncture, which according to her is the most crucial method in the procedure; and also an extensive Rehabilitation program, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc. She stated “the staff here was brilliant and rapidly replied to all the questions I had. The fact that the doctors in charge are so much experienced and veteran people involved in stem cell therapy internationally made me feel tremendously privileged and that I couldn’t be in better hands. Within his first 10 days of my Stem Cell treatment for ALS, I began showing signs of advancement.” She showed an enhanced aptitude to speak and swallow. She was also markedly stronger than when she first arrived for the stem cell treatment.

Charlie Meloha’s from Australia Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

At the age of 2, Charlie Meloha’s life took a dramatic twist when he got into a diving mishap while swimming. He belongs to Australia. After the accident, he was left with a T12 Spinal Cord injury where he has entirely lost all voluntary movements in his lower limbs. Whilst in hunt of any treatment that could support him, Charlie heard about Stem Cell Care India’s stem cell treatment from his friend, who is also living with spinal cord injury and has received treatment with us before. As per his friend’s recommendation, Charlie decided to come to India. As a part of his treatment protocol, he had gone through stem cell treatment, regenerative cell injections via IV and Lumbar Puncture, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Following the treatment, he enjoyed massive improvement- from recuperating muscle mass, sensation, power and an improved control over his bladder.

Jennifer from England Came in for Stem Cell Treatment of Orthopedic

Jennifer has suffered from advanced osteoarthritis in both of her knees for last 9 years. She had tried several customary treatments options to try to alleviate the pain. Ms. Jennifer had until that time tried physical therapy, bracing, chiropractic treatments, massage, acupuncture and numerous other injections. Even in combination, these treatments were not adequate and her pain kept on increasing. As her pain and anxiety of falling augmented, she decided it was time to seek some additional treatment. She decided to go through stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India. The stem cell process was like a cakewalk to her as compared to a knee replacement. Once the treatment got started, she felt a little bit uncomfortable but subsequently nothing painful happened. Her knee on the second day was 100% better than the first day when her treatment just started. The outcome has been extraordinary – beyond her wildest dreams. The pain has by now gone, her strength and flexibility has returned and also there is a boost in her confidence.