Mr. Mark Came To India For The Treatment Of His Liver Disease At Our Stem Cell Therapy Centre In India

Mr. Mark had been very regular drinker from past some years occasioning in his liver getting initial signs of degeneration. His surgeons had told him that he is might have a possibility of developing Cirrhosis soon and could eventually culminate in requiring a liver transplant in the future some years. Mr. Mark decided that he wants to try the treatment of lover via stem cell therapy and contacted SCCI stem cell therapy centre in India for further assistance. When he reached here, he had gone through some tests and lastly underwent stem cell therapy. Although he was recommended autologous bone marrow and adipose tissue stem cell therapy, but as his platelet levels were not up to the mark, it was decided that he will get mesenchymal stem cells treatment. A suitable amount of cells was vaccinated via IV in Mr. Mark. The procedure was carried out in May 2018 and a 3 month follow-up in August 2018 exhibits that the major indicators of Total Billrubin have reduced in the patient and indicators such as SGPT and Phosphate are well within standard range post treatment. Mr. Mark is very thankful to the team of SCCI for assisting him so well in his course of treatment.

Julie From United States Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Julie was diagnosed with ALS while in the United States. She tried her level best to find a treatment that would suit her maximum, but the exploration proved fruitless. After eyeing at a few options online, she decided that Stem Cell Care India’s stem cell treatment protocol in India was very broad and was precisely what she was eyeing for. Thanks to the stem cell treatment, Julie is now able to stand without any difficulty, swallow better and her hands have amended too, as equated to before getting the treatment. She was enthralled by the care she had gotten during her treatment here in India. She also claimed that the facilities were extremely hygienic and the food was great too.

Maluha From Assam Came To Delhi For Hair Loss Concern Via Stem Cell Treatment

Maluha from Assam came to Delhi, India for treating her hair loss concern via stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India. Mrs. Maluha, a 48 year old lay, professional gardener underwent stem cell treatment for hair loss using mesenchymal cells in India at Stem Cell Care India under the supervision of experienced and dedicated doctors on 3rd January 2019. After getting stem cells inoculated into the bald areas of her head, there were farfetched perceptible improvements that were observed by her and also by the individuals around her, both at home and her workplace. After the treatment, she has splendidly recouped her confidence back! She is quite stunned with overall trial methods and at the end of the day is appreciative for her decision to progress with stem cells treatment to bid adieu to her hair loss problems for life.

I am Patrick, Travelled from Australia to India – Interstitial Lung Disease

Hi, I am Andrew from Norway. I was suffering from Interstitial Lung Disease because of which I
was not able to live a normal life. I had tried a lot of treatment options but nothing worked
effectively on me for improving my condition. Then, my friend told me to refer Stem Cell Care
India for the stem cell treatment of my disease. I came to India and the team of this hospital left
no stone unturned for treating me well. I am extremely thankful for caring for me during the
treatment of entire stem cell care India team particularly the doctor who was treating me and
gave me my new life. I feel so much better now.

Andrew from Norway – Interstitial Lung Disease

My name is Patrick and I travelled from Australia to India as I was suffering from Interstitial Lung
Disease and I travelled regarding its treatment. After undergoing the stem cell treatment at
Stem Cell Care India, I just want to express that the hospital is a decidedly professional hospital.
I am very contented with the treatment part. After undergoing the stem cell therapy, I was
really happy to see that I am getting healed very promptly. I have all the applauses for the staff
of Stem Cell Care India. Additionally, I am very pleased with the services and professionalism
provided. The accommodation is also fantastic and the staff is very approachable and friendly.
The Stem Cell Care India is excellent and it has let me say bye-bye to my problems for life.
Thanks enormously team!

Professor Nicholas Came from Ghana – Africa for Vision Loss – Stem Cell Care India

Hi, I am Professor Nicholas from Ghana. I am a professor of Statistics. I came to India for availing the
stem cell treatment for vision loss via Stem Cell Care India. Few years back, I had stated encountering
that my vision was deteriorating, both in terms of quality and sharpness. For getting the treatment, last
year I travelled to China, where I was kept in the hospital for around 16 days and was charged a lot of
money as well. However, I didn’t attain any relief. After this, I stated searching and exploring more
about stem cell treatment. After my research, I decided to opt for Stem Cell Care India’s stem cell
treatment for eyes in India. I contacted the hospital and they helped me a lot in imparting all the
important information about the treatment to me. I realized that the cost of treatment in India is very
much loss to what I had to pay in other nations. When I came to India, the treatment started and I was
given vitamins and other medications. Stem cell treatment that I undergone was very simple and I got
recovered very speedily. I experienced a lot of improvement in my eyesight. Also, the staff of the
hospital is also very friendly, cooperative and caring.

Miss Oluwatomiwa Ruth Akinniran I Nigeria I Developmental Delay, Treated by Stem cell Therapy

Hi, this is my niece Ms. Oluwatomiwa Ruth Akinniran from Nigeria. She has continuous fever and was unable to walk, eat and do regular activities. She was also unable to use her hands and her voice was also not much strong. She was not able to hear well and had to use a hearing aid device all the time. All this was a part of developmental delay. In order to treat all these issues that she was experiencing, we had tried a lot of options, but all went in vain. After this, we decided to opt for stem cell therapy in a hope that it might benefit her. We went online and after a vast research about stem cell therapy in India, we contacted Dr. Shahid and he gave us the assurance that my niece will get good treatment at is center. We then planned to go to Ghaziabad for the treatment and ever since we have arrived and met at the airport by the hospital manager, we were well seated and were well settled in the hotel. The treatment started immediately. This really impressed me that the treatment started without any delay. I simply adored the way the staff is so welcoming and supportive. Cleanliness is best maintained at the hospital. My niece is very comfortable here. The food was also very good. We had a very pleasant experience. With the treatment, we are hopeful that she gets well soon. Immediately after the stem cell fusion, she was immediately taken to a physiotherapist for healing. I am very satisfied with the treatment.

Mr. Mariadhass Barnabas I Tamilnandu India I Spinal cord Injury & Motor Neurone Disease I by Stem Cell Therapy

Hi, my father’s name is Mr. Mariadhass Barnabas. We are from the state of Tamil Nadu. He was suffering from spinal cord injury and also motor neuron disease. He was also detected with multiple sclerosis disease some 4 years back. My father was in deep pain because of all of these problems. His life has been very tough. I, being his son, decided to do something to cure all his problems, I had heard about the stem cell therapy and its miraculous effects. So, I started searching on the internet and after a rigorous research, I found that Stem Cell Care India is the best place to get stem cell treatment. The stem cell surgery of my father at Sarvodya hospital went very good and we are just waiting for the improvements to show up as soon as possible. We are satisfied with the treatment and the staff of the hospital. The staff assisted us in a very cooperative and good manner. They offered us all the vital facilities and accommodation they arranged for was also very nice.

Dhan devi Came to Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Dhan devi is 37 years in age and she had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. When she decided to opt for stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Care India, she was admitted in the hospital. She was given 5 injections of mesenchymal stem cells. All the injections were given by IV route. Total of 100 million cells were injected, each injection containing 25 million cells. Mrs. Dhandevi used to have pain in her whole body before the treatment. However, after treatment, she is quite happy and is able to get rid of the pain. She is able to live a happy and normal life. Before the treatment, her sugar level used to be 200 plus, but, after the treatment it dropped to 110. There is no swelling and inflammation in her feet now and also she is getting better in health. She is very happy with the team of the hospital.

Reshma Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 1

My name is Simon and I travelled from England to India regarding orthopedic and erectile dysfunction treatment. After undergoing the treatment at Stem Cell Care India, all I can say about the hospital is that it is highly professional hospital. I am very happy with the treatment part. After undergoing the stem cell therapy, I found out that I am getting healed very speedily. I have all the praises for the staff of Stem Cell Care India. Furthermore, I am very happy with the services provided. The accommodation is very good and the staff is very friendly and approachable. The Stem Cell Care India is superb and it has got be rid of my problems for life. Thanks a lot team!