Mr. Nadal Came to India for the Treatment of Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease

Mr. Nadal, 39 year old gentleman from South Africa had been struggling with Chronic Respiratory Failure and Central Sleep Apnea nearly his whole life. In his infancy, he felt he was just feeble when he was not able to partake in sports or do outdoor goings-on that boys his age would do, but hostile health episodes in initial 2000’s led to his analysis of Chronic Respiratory Failure. Doing any type of physically vigorous work was a challenge for Mr. Nadal and with time, his dependence on artificial oxygen grew to virtually 16+ hours a day. Incessant progression of the disease and finding no respite in his homeland forced him to do some exploration on alternative treatments available and that is when he read about stem cell therapy. Mr. Nadal and his wife did their investigation and finally zeroed in on Stem Cell Care India, a stem cell therapy clinic in India to get stem cell therapy done.

The couple reached Delhi and underwent a series of tests for his disorder at the StemCellCareIndia facilities. The attending surgeons clarified his condition to him and advocated him about stem cells which reinforced his conviction in the therapy. The surgeons got back to the drawing board with the patient and it was decided to use umbilical cord tissue derived Mesenchymal stem cells for his therapy. A total of 100 Million MSC’s were organized in the ultra-modern labs of the clinic and re-injected in the patient via IV and nebulization. The cells expectantly would focus on the lungs and begin the rejuvenation procedure of the lungs. The process was completed in one day and went without any adversarial effects for the patient. Mr. Nadal returned to SA 2 days after the process. He tells that since he got back from India, he has been feeling remarkable. Before coming for the treatment, he was on oxygen for 16+ hours a day now he is also able to monitor his oxygen levels during the day using the pulse oximeter that the surgeon prescribed. Virtually every day, I use the respiratory exerciser that he also recommended for the breathing exercises.

Mr. Janual Visited India for the Treatment of his Eye Disorders

About ten years ago, when my ophthalmologist told me that I had the earliest signs of Macular Degeneration, I knew what that meant and knew that I had to formulate myself for the possibility of the loss of the major share of my sight. I took the recommended vitamins and minerals, ate accordingly and did research to see if there was anything that could be done to preserve that valuable gift of sight.In the fall of 2009, in email conversations with my brother, I became cognizant of the likelihood of stem cell therapy. Research on the Internet produced numerous options. Consequently, in November 2009, my wife and I flew to the clinic where the implantation of stem cells from my own bone marrow was done. The removal of bone marrow was not at all painful, nor was the embedding of the resultant stem cells. I was very dreadful that I would not be able to bear such techniques, but it was not so. No fear, no aching. The following day my eyes were enflamed and bloodshot and I could see the world only through minute slits. I was concerned, but consolation was at hand and I was appreciative that my wife was with me even though I could have coped alone.

Mohammed Ibrahim, South Africa Came to India for Chronic Kidney Disorder Treatment

He was diagnosed with memrane nephrpathy 3yrs ago with a creatinine of 250 egfr 33. At that time, he got suffered from gout also.

2015 December he had started dialysis egfr 8 potassium of 7 started to stabilize getting his level in his order and his energy levels back

In 2016, he was on dialysis 2 times per week 4 hrs, Egfr 5 and potassium 5.5 and very stable and quiet active

  • Low iron and hb on micera and iron
  • Pth levels high 1980 parathroid
  • Viatamin d levels low

Stem Cell Care India, started his treatment through the Umbilical Cord Tissue derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. He was admitted in the hospital for 4 days during which Doctor injected Mesenchymal Stem Cells through Intravenous Injection along with Stem Cell Activator which helps patient to lower his creatinine, egfr and potassium level. After 4 months of the treatment his dialysis frequency was reduced. Now the Patient is very happy with the treatment of Stem Cell Care India.

Parminder Singh from Australia Cam to India for Chronic Kidney Disorder Treatment

Parminder Singh from Austraila had Chronic Kidney Disorder whose blood urea was 171 and the Serum creatinine was 3.87. Due to CKD he was having dialysis twice a week. His family member contacted to Stem Cell Care India for his treatment.

Stem Cell Care India, started his treatment through the Umbilical Cord Tissue derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. He was admitted in the hospital for 4 days during which Doctor injected Mesenchymal Stem Cells through Intravenous Injection along with Stem Cell Activator which helps patient to lower his creatinine and urea level. After 3 months of the treatment his dialysis frequency was reduced. Now the Patient was very greatful to stem cell therapy which was done by Stem Cell Care India.

Mr. Thomas Jones from USA – Parkinson Patient Story

Mr. Thomas Jones 60 years old suffering from Parkinson Disease was not able to walk properly, rather he walks a little distance and falls down. As time passes, his voice getting crumbling due to which other person was unable to understand him.

His voice was not clear. After few weeks he got a severe constipation, day by day he was having problem in his own work which should be done by him.
Then, he took stem cell therapy which proved to be beneficial for him. Now after few month, he don’t fall during walking, he started speaking some of the word clearly.  He is very Thankful for stem cell care India.

Mr. Peter Came to India for Finding Solution to His Cardiovascular Issues

I suffered from a colossal heart attack in 1989; the outcome was a necrosis of the backside of my heart. A huge part of my cardiac muscle was substituted by scar tissue. Two more heart attacks followed in 1991 and 1993. In 1995, I was analyzed with congestive heart failure.8 angiograms were executed and stents were placed. During these years, I turned down two potential heart transplants since I did not want to live with the immune suppressive medicines for the rest of my life. I no longer have any angina pain or no shortness of breath. However, I tried to live my life as dynamically as possible; taking part in a 5,000 mile motor cycle vacation in 1996 when I got sick. My friend got me home and a pacemaker was inserted which, at that time, worked miracles. Six months ago, after an inspection that displayed a very poor cardiac function and my EF capacity down to 18 %, a nurse finally advised to me that I could look up at Stem Cell Care India and ask about stem cell treatment. I communicated with their representatives, sent all my medical accounts for assessment and was accepted as a patient. I was quite anxious about the result and was not sure if I would make it back home and made arrangements for the worst case.

At clinic, bone marrow was mined from my hip bone and sent to a laboratory where stem cells were separated from it. Two days later, the stem cells were re-entrenched by catheter therapy by the cardiologist during a 45-minute interventional therapy. It was a miracle! I had gone from a terminal sickness to having a future. I carried my own bags and sauntered on my own two feet when returning back home to the US, just 5 days later. My doc back home inspected me 10 days after stem cell therapy and decided to have my pacemaker turned down.

Ali Came to India for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Ali was suffering from erectile dysfunction.  He underwent prostate surgery 3 years ago buy that was of no help. After the surgery, he planned to undergo stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India and was able to have intercourse again after undergoing a stem cell therapy using cells taken from his own abdomen. Six months after undergoing a one-time stem cell treatment, he was very happy and was able to have sex without the use of other medications or implants. Doctors used liposuction to collect fat from the patient’s abdomen, from which stem cells were taken out and then injected into the patient’s penis. The doctors at the clinic do not cultivate the cells or change them in any way.

The process was implemented under general anesthesia and Ali was discharged the same day. Once inoculated, the stem cells started to change into muscle and nerve cells, as well as the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. Within six months, Ali reported that he had recovered satisfactory erectile function to accomplish penetrative sex. There weren’t any substantial side effects. Stem cell treatment can cure erectile and has given Ali a new life of sexual pleasure and confidence. He had until that time seen no effect from old-style medical treatment and continued to have good erectile function after 12 months follow-up, signifying that this might be a long-standing solution. Six months after treatment, He had regained adequate erectile function to accomplish penetrative sexual activity. This improvement has been retained for one year, specifying that this treatment might yield long-term benefits. This method promises to be a long-standing solution for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, who have not seen advantageous effects of old-style medication, such as PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra and Cialis), injections or penile implants.

Marie Visited India for Getting Treatment of Her Stroke Problems

On August 20th, 2014, Marie experienced a cramp in her head and she fell to the ground. When she tried to stand up again, she had no feelings or sensations in her left arm and leg. She collapsed and an epileptic seizure followed. Marie stayed in the hospital for 5.5 months. In 2015, her doctors told her that only partial improvements were to be anticipated and that she had to learn to accept her life as it was. Marie began to look for substitute therapies and was informed by her family in 2015 end about different treatment options. She decided to go for stem cell treatment in India at Stem Cell Care India hospital.

It was recommended by the doctors at Stem Cell Care India that they should implement the stem cell treatment via minimum invasive surgery straight into her brain. On February 18th, 2016, Marie was treated. She accepted the processes very well, experiencing only some degree of side-effects. After the surgery, she felt exhausted and had a light headache. However, all side-effects were provisional and gone after 4 to 5 days. After only 4 days, Marie’s spasticity lessened. Her hands were more flexible and less rigid. After one week retrieval, Marie went back to school again; completely recovered from the surgery. After a couple of months, she noticed more improvements. Marie could use her elbow better and had improved fine motor utilities. Currently, she walks better; using her feet completely and not just her toes. Marie was recommended to start supplementary NCS therapy. NCS (Neuro Cell Stimulation Therapy) is a specialized rehabilitation program, particularly designed to complement stem cell therapy.

Angela Came to India for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia to Look Fit

Ms. Angela, a 35 years young female patient from Sweden contacted StemCellCareIndia for diagnoses and treatment for her ailment Fibromyalgia to look fit again. The doctors here analyzed her condition comprehensively and recommended that the reason of fibromyalgia might be multifactorial, and mechanical complications of the Central Nervous system or spine are presented as an element in producing fibromyalgia syndrome in this patient. This female patient from Sweden suffered from chronic extensive musculoskeletal pain which was reported in all four quadrants of the body as well as the lower back with the incidence of multiple myofascial tender points. It had been present for four years and in specific for at least one year. The pain was termed as continuous and dull, normally coming from the muscles and at times it was intense burning. It was quite often shoddier in the morning and muscle groups that are used repeatedly might have hurt more. The pain augmented with physical activity, cold or damp weather, nervousness and tension. She often woke up exhausted, even though she seemed to get abundant sleep. Besides that, she grumbled of chronic drowsiness, morning rigidity, sleep problems, serious headaches, constipation, numbness in the hands and feet, unhappiness and apprehension. The quality of life and diverse stages of psychosocial functions worsened owing to the symptoms. These made her doubtful about the bodily health.

Then, she planned to undergo stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India. Within a month post-treatment, she felt much better. She felt fresh after sleep and radically increased productivity of her work and the 50 % respite from chronic pain, headache and better quality of life. She herself wrote about her improvements to the clinic in 3 months post treatment.

Katy Went Stem Cell Treatment for Brain Injury

Katy was born at her mother’s 27 weeks pregnancy. The weight was 1.56Kg at birth time. She stayed in incubator for numerous days. The breathing, heart rate and sucking touched normal level. The patient suffered from lung infection when she was 3 months old. She had the entire body turn purple and experienced breathing trouble. Her breathing and heartbeat stopped for 7 minutes. After cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the breathing and heart rate was reinstated to normal. After 15 weeks of treatment, her mother found out that the movement of Katy’s limb was different with other. There was no vigorous movement. The patient got MRI of head and it displayed the brain injury. She was spotted with cerebral palsy. She took Baclofen for 4 months. The gaits were atypical when the patient turns over, sit, stand or walk. The cerebral development was lagging behind unlike a normal baby.  The understanding was normal. The vocabulary was less, but she still could express her wish. From beginning of disease, the diet was normal. The sleep was usual. The defecation and urine routine were normal too.

After admission at Stem Cell Care India, Katy received pertinent examinations. The patient received treatment for nerve regeneration and to stimulate stem cells in vivo. The patient received treatment to improve the blood circulation so as to upsurge the blood supply to the impaired nerves and also to nurture the neurons. She also received treatment to improve her immunity. This was pooled with rehabilitation training. The muscle tone of both lower limbs has abridged to normal level. The internal spin of toes and slight tiptoe condition has been assuaged. The flexion of knees has been relieved. Both lower limbs can be stretched improvingly. Left knee joint can be flattened totally. Right knee can be straightened with slight help. The patient’s condition has upgraded.