Kelly from London Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Kelly from London. I am 48 years of age and married. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 15 years. I first realized something was inappropriate when, quite abruptly, I lost vision in my right eye and the left half of my body went moderately numb. I went to my local clinician who in turn directed me to a neurologist. He did all the examinations such as an MRI scan, lumbar puncture and numerous neuro examinations. Then, I was told that I have MS. In the last 4 years, I have become enormously worse: exhaustion is there; my left leg does not want to do what I want it to do, etc. I did piles of research on it and decided to e-mail Stem Cell Care India about what they can do regarding adult stem cells. In November 2018, my husband and I went for stem cell treatment. I have returned home now for six weeks and I feel so much healthier. I can stand for a lengthier time on my legs, my balance has amended, my walking has marginally improved and I can walk for lengthier periods of time unassisted. I look healthy once again.

Mr. Johnson from Melbourne Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of COPD

Mr. Johnson, 41 year old gentleman from Melbourne was diagnosed with COPD in his early 30s. In the initial years, he felt he was just weak when he was not able to participate in sports or do out-of-doors activities, but hostile health conditions in the year 2018 led him to explore about stem cells treatment and finally decided to visit India through Stem Cell Care India. In May of 2018, he received the stem cells injection and was instantaneously feeling very good. He continued to feel good and little by little he felt much better. He stated “I noticed that my stamina and breathing ability was much better. Every month I felt better and had amplified stamina. I am not running any competitions and I still look after myself but I use much less medications now. I can only hope that I keep refining in health with each passing day. SCCI centre was just wonderful; very specialized in everything they do. I was so fortunate to have been able to opt for this treatment here.

Chapel from Brazil Came in for Stem Cell Treatment of Orthopedic

Chapel from Brazil has always been active in sports and a workout fanatic. In 2010, a wear on his left knee had instigated the condition of ACL. Chapel has referred an orthopedic surgeon, who confirmed the diagnosis and suggested surgical intervention. He had a complete ACL and meniscus tear. Stem cell treatment at SCCI saved him from getting operation and arthritis. He feels like he never had the ACL torn. He says “I can bend my knees now and feel that I can do any kind of movement of workout with my legs. I have to say that I have been most awe-struck by your overall professional methodology and the advantage that I have gotten from the stem cell inoculation in my knee and also my shoulder.”

Clark from Kenya Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Autism

Clark is from Kenya and he came to India for his son’s stem cell treatment. Though a non-invasive treatment, having the crew who comprehend your doubts as somebody who does not have much familiarity regarding the stem cell therapy for Autism categorically made me feel comfortable. The finest and most esteemed thing about Stem Cell Care India is that they do not speak to their patients using medical verbiages. The crew discussed and clarified every miniscule part about Autism and how stem cell therapy can aid my son in a very clear and unpretentious way that we had no uncertainty or apprehension about it. It has been nearly 4.5 months since my 13-year-old son’s stem cell treatment for Autism at SCCI began and in at the present time, he is doing admirably in his day to day life and we have witnessed substantial improvement in his condition as equated to what it was before this therapy.

Patrik from Singapore Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Patrik is a 28 year old man. At the age of 14 he faced an accident and since then he has been on a wheel chair. He was detected with severe spinal cord injury. His parents brought her to India for the Stem Cell Treatment to help with his condition. He received the stem cell treatment for her Spinal Cord Injury via Stem Cell Care India. To him, ascertaining this treatment has given a hope again. He did not anticipate himself to be able to go through this condition, but now after the treatment he is recuperating amazingly. So as to maximize the utilization rate of these cells and elicit the use of the patient’s muscles, Patrik also had gone through sessions of rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. Following the treatment, he experienced more strength in the movements of his legs. Furthermore, he observes more sensation, an improved balance and also massive improvement in his core muscles.

Iqbal Muhammad from Dhaka Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of kidney disorder

Iqbal Muhammad from Dhaka: I was diagnosed with kidney disorder 5 ago. I was facing a lot of problem. I referred a lot of doctors but everything went in vain. In December 2016, I was kept on dialysis but my condition was not much improving. Although, I was able to become much active but my condition was not improving as expected. I had low iron and hb on micera and iron and also my vitamin d levels were very low. Then, from a friend I got to know about StemCellCareIndia. Stem Cell Care India, began my treatment through the umbilical cord tissue derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. I was admitted in the hospital for 5 days during which the concerned doctor inoculated Mesenchymal Stem Cells through Intravenous Injection accompanied by Stem Cell Activator which aids the patient to lower his creatinine, egfr and potassium level. After 4.5 months of the treatment, my dialysis frequency got reduced significantly. Now I am very happy with the treatment at Stem Cell Care India.

Ms. Katy Came To India For Undergoing Stem Cell Therapy For Optic Nerve Atrophy

Ms. Katy from Africa, a 29 year old female patient is suffering from Optic Nerve Atrophy since past 1 year. The patient exhibited characteristic symptoms of the disease including loss of central vision and weakening peripheral vision. Her left eye was affected more than the right eye. Upon inspection, it was found that the vision in the left eye was 6/60 and in the right eye was 6/12. The patient had heard a lot about the stem cell therapy for optic nerve atrophy and she agreed to undergo Autologus Bone Marrow with Adipose Tissue Stem Cell transplant after she contacted Stem Cell Care Inda. It was decided that the cells will be uprooted Intravitreal and through Retrobulbar inoculation only in the left eye. It was also decided that any residual quantity of the cells will be injected via IV to the patient accompanied by growth factors. After the treatment was completed, she was free of her disease and was able to live a healthy life again. She is very grateful to the team of SCCI for all they have done for her.

Mr. Jawed From Norway Came To India For Availing Stem Cell Treatment For Kidney Disease

Hi, I am Sheikh Jawed. My dad’s side of the family has a genetic kidney disease that almost all the males in the family have been suffering with since years. My dad also is a victim to this genetic propensity. He is 58 years of age and was diagnosed with CKD in 2017. His serum creatinine had reached serious levels of up to 10.3 as tested on in the initial tests. The doctors recommended us to put him on dialysis. However, we resisted and decided to opt for stem cell treatment for kidney disease as my friend told me to contact Stem Cell Care in India. I would like to thank the team of SCCI as they helped my father to get healthy again in life. The staff is very helpful and they treated my father so well. After opting for this therapy, the progression of the disease was halted and the drop in creatinine levels indicated the start of the healing process of his impaired kidneys once again. His latest Serum Creatinine report exhibits Serum Creatinine levels to be steady at 5.9.

Mr. Terry Took Help Of SCCI For Undergoing Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment

Mr. Terry Fernandez was 52 years old when he was spotted with the Type 1 Diabetes. As he was a fit and healthy chap, it was quite appalling news for his family and friends as well. Considering it as a conventional disease, Mr. Terry started to go through the traditional treatment to control his diabetes. Even though, he was never been enlightened by his medical experts with regard to what precautions he should take to avert another impediments related with the disease. This unluckily led him to suffer a severe wound on his right leg. After few years of struggling with diabetes epidemic, he planned to contact Stem Cell Care India for the diabetes stem cell treatment. He got the treatment and with the right dosage of therapy, he started showing healing signs, including his leg being healed very speedily. He is now much better in health and he wants to thank the whole team of Stem Cell Care India for the kind of compassion and help they has shown. He was unaware of the things here in India and the team helped him a lot  in every way possible.

Cherry Came To India With Her Parents For Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Treatment

Cherry is 10 years old now. He was born prematurely but was fairly healthy. However, because of some severe illness, he suffered from brain hypoxia (not adequate oxygen) that instigated a central nervous system lesion. This resulted in the under-development of his brain and consequently, he had problem accomplishing the physical and mental milestones at the same rate of any healthy child. He had control of all his limbs but was unable to walk unaided. His eyesight was feeble and his speech was restricted. He had to go to a school for kids with special needs. A visit to the doctor made it clear that Cherry had Cerebral Palsy. We heard about stem cell therapy from a friend and aimed to try this promising treatment via Stem Cell Therapy Centre. We came here in India all the way from Africa and were welcomed by a friendly staff. Cherry underwent bone marrow extraction and then the processed stem cells were inoculated into spine via lumbar puncture. After 8 weeks of the treatment that was supported via rigorous physiotherapy, we observed a pronounced improvement in his vision. Even his immune system improved fabulously. We are very appreciative for this treatment. It has improved the quality of life for my son and we hope he gets better with the time. Thanks SCCI!