Alex Came To India From Portland To Get Stem Cell Treatment

I am Alex. My age is 28 years and I have been suffering from major skin abrasions. I have had chronic pain for perhaps 6 years now, perhaps a bit more.  It has been really horrible. Getting used to pain is certainly not at all fun. It has affected everything in my life.  I feel real pain when I walk upstairs.  Walking lengthy distances is also a bad news and I can’t ride bike for too long as well. Then I underwent stem cell therapy and I experienced a lot of improvement. Thanks Stem Cell Care India team.

Janice Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment To Feel Fit.

I am Janice, 39 years old, from Brazil. I would like to express my gratitude to the crew of StemCellCareIndia for managing my travel to India as I wanted to undergo stem cell treatment for feeling fit and healthy. I was able to fulfill my objective of keeping my body fit and fine with their therapy. Within a month after the treatment, I am feeling much better. I am able to feel fresh after sleep and fundamentally my productivity at work has improved and my quality of life is also getting better.

Nakup Kipa Came Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Hi, I am Tani Kipa. I am brother of Nakup Kipa who is undergoing stem cell therapy in India. We are from
Arunachal Pradesh. Nikup’s problem started around thirty years back when he was in school. He started
facing some issues while riding his bicycle at that time. We were not aware much about the treatment,
so we gave him basic clinical treatment and he carried on with his life. When he was 20 in 2018 during
his service, he had to walk a lot because of the nature of his job as he used to visit different sites. He
then started experiencing some pain in his right hip. He then went through MRIs and other test and the
orthopedician detected him with osteoarthritis. The team of doctors suggested him to opt for total hip
replacement. We did a lot of research on various treatment choices and then came to know about stem
cell therapy. After a few consultations with the crew of SCCI, we decided to opt for stem cell treatment
via SCCI. We have come here and we were satisfied with the way they handled our case. Hope my
brother gets well soon and we are quite positive about it.

Jamila from Pakistan Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Wounds

Jamila from Pakistan had a very peculiar problem in which she suffered from wounds frequently on different parts of her body. After an elongated research and communications with the crew of Stem Cell Care India, she decided to travel to India for her treatment at Stem Cell Care India and underwent Stem Cell Therapy for wounds. As we all know that the stem cells can be segregated into any kind of human body cells and after the transplantation, they multiply in the human hosting body and substitute the impaired body cells with new fresh healthy cells resulting in replenishing the impaired ones. 4 months after the stem cell treatment, Jamila’s condition was improved a lot. She wants to thank the doctors of SCCI for ytreati9ng her so well.

Poonam from Dubai Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Osteoarthritis

I am Poonam from Dubai. I had a complete ACL and meniscus tear. We decided to go through the stem cell treatment in India as it was one of the finest treatment options available for my condition and we gave them our sanction to fly down to India. An official greeted us at the airport and took us to the hospital. We met the surgeon who was to carry out the treatment. He was a sympathetic person and I was awestruck with the way he studied my case. He made us feel comfy. He cleared all our qualms and apprehensions before the treatment. Stem cells saved me from undergoing surgery and arthritis. I feel like I never had the ACL dithering. I can turn my knees and feel that I can do any kind of movement of workout with my legs. I have to say that I have been most enthralled by your overall professional methodology and the advantage that I have gotten from the injection in my knee.

Meghan Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Eye Disorders

After being inept to walk liberally without bashing on objects and harming herself, Meghan was detected with serious eye disorders, a condition which fast-tracks the degeneration of the visual field. Patients with this condition experience snowballing loss of vision and might feel as if they are looking via a telescope because of the restricted range of visualization. Before arriving in India at SCCI, she was very exhausted owing to the job. Physically, she felt very overwrought and exhausted. Now after five days of treatment, she feels more comfortable and much superior. Before visiting Stem Cell Care India, Meghan’s vision was principally distorted; this stopped her from being able to see much. However, only five weeks after getting stem cell treatment for eye disorders from the facilities in India, her vision became stronger than before, permitting her to observe objects around her and be able to walk more self-reliantly.

Munasib from Bahrain Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

I am Munasib from Bahrain. I came to India for finding an effective cure for the issue of erectile dysfunction that has been hampering my married life for 5 years. Initially, I was recommended to undergo prostate surgery 3 years back. However, this surgery went futile in treating my problem. Then, I planned to opt for stem cell treatment at SCCI in India. In the initial treatment sessions, I was able to have sex six months after the one-time treatment, without taking back the medications or opting for penile implants. The positive outcome showed no signs of waning during this year year-long nursing period. I found this treatment much better than taking a capsule every time me and my wife desired to have intercourse. The results were promising enough to gratify me. Thanks Stem Cell Care India.

James Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Diabetic Ulcer

It was just unexpectedly that James learned about Stem Cell Care India. He had been suffering a diabetic ulcer on the bottom heel of his right foot for 8 months and the treatment he had been getting had not been remedial for the wound. Doctors recommended amputating his foot. He hopped at the chance to have a dialogue with surgeons at Stem Cell Care India. There, the doctors saw that he suffered from osteomyelitis, an infection of the bone that had arisen from the foot ulcer. They recommended instantaneous operation to remove the disease-ridden part of his bone, colossal antibiotics to treat the infection, followed by stem cell therapy. They familiarized stem cell treatment for James, which they executed at the clinic. These particular stem cells, called the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC), have been found to increase wound curing, when implemented with a biomaterial made from collagen and entrenched into the wound. Along with the stem cell treatment, nurses at the clinic washed James’ wound and dressed and enfolded it for prime healing. The clinic has made massive difference in his treatment.

Anwar Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia

When Anwar was analyzed with critical limb ischemia, his doctors told him that there was nothing they could do for curing him. Anwar’s father did not want to accept this and started to search the web for alternate therapies. After far-reaching online research, he found Stem Cell Care India. Anwar’s condition had advanced so far that he was hardly able to eat or walk on his own. He felt abandoned by the surgeons. After his arrival in India and the initial examinations, the rigorous therapy began. The therapy worked quite well for Anwar along with other alternative supportive therapies like doing physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and aquatherapy. The efforts were worth it for Anwar. He and his family are really happy with the progressive results. They want to thank the professional team of SCCI.

Robin from Thailand Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia

Robin from Thailand was suffering from severe critical limb ischemia and his native doctors were not able to control the ailment with medicines and drugs. So they recommended him to go to India for Stem Cell Therapy. Before the stem cell treatment at SCCI, he had the memory problem as a result of his brain trauma and critical limb ischemia. After the treatment at Stem Cell Care India and because of the infusion of the stem cells and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Robin is speedily recovering from his disease. The medical experts at SCCI are continuously keeping watch in his condition during regular follow-up interval and will keep posting any newest development in his condition. He is very thankful to the entire team of SCCI for curing his health.