Rosy Came To India From Texas For Stem Cell Treatment For Retinitis Pigmentosa

Rosie has been bit by bit losing her vision since infancy because of retinitis pigmentosa (RP), an inherited, irredeemable disease. In 20118, she volunteered for opting for stem cell therapy that involves use of stem cells to restore her vision. She contacted SCCI for the same. After her treatment, she experienced a lot of improvement in her vision. She wants to thank the entire team of SCCI and she really appreciates the professionalism that the staff here exhibited.

Loren came to India from UK for stem cell treatment for Ataxia

Just six months ago before undergoing adult stem cell therapy for ataxia via Stem Cell Care India, Loren was inept to stand or move around without restrictions and without any support. Moreover, she experienced loss of trunk control, speech impairments, double vision and eye control damage or nystagmus. Now, she is able to walk around self-reliantly without the need of assistance. Besides the progresses in walking and motor function, Loren has said that she has seen other advances in communication; swallowing, trunk control and her dual vision just 3 months post treatment.

Mr. Ali From Oman Came To India For Liver Disease Stem Cell Treatment.

Mr. Ali from Oman, 58 years old was suffering with liver cirrhosis. He underwent stem cells treatment with SCCI; as per the recommendation of his relative. The patient visited India, all the way from his residence in Oman. His pathological reports were noticeably indicating very low levels of hemoglobin 10.8, platelets 22000 and Albumin 3; which promptly reflect the possibility of liver failure. However, within 8 months of his stem cells infusion sittings, he is noticed to be recovered very pleasantly. His platelet counts have been augmented to 44000 and his albumin count has also enhanced to 4.6; thus displaying worthy recovery.

Laila from Abu Dhabi was treated from Down syndrome in India

After being spotted with Down syndrome at birth, Laila’s parents knew they are required to find a way to help their daughter attain a better quality of life. After a lot of futile efforts in their own native land, they decided to take her to India for stem cell treatment as they had heard a lot about this treatment. They contacted the team off Stem Cell Care India and the team helped them in all their arrangements to come here to India. While getting her second round of stem cells, Laila is seeing improvements in muscle tone, cognitive capacity and motor skills. She has more liveliness, energy and she is repeatedly reaching towards her objective of self-dependence. Her parents are very contended with the way SCCI’s team treated their daughter.

Lisa Came To India From US For Stem Cell Treatment Of Osteoporosis

Lisa is a 64 year old lady who had stem cell therapy for his knees and shoulder. She is now 1 month after her treatment and reports a 90% improvement. She really wants to thank the team of Stem Cell Care India for treating her so well. The experts here explained her all the procedure of stem cell therapy well and cleared all her doubts. After the treatment, she expresses her heartfelt gratitude towards the entire staff of SCCI. She is really contended to have received her treatment here in India.

Debbie Mathew Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment

In 2012, Debbie Mathew was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. She encountered symptoms such as painful and swollen joints, fever, chest pain, hair loss, mouth ulcers, swollen lymph nodes, feeling tired. After her diagnosis, she planned to search more about stem cell treatment for this disease. She contacted Stem Cell Care India and after attaining all the info, she decided to undergo this treatment. Post therapy, she encountered a lot of improvement in her condition. Her pain in the joints improved radically and now she is able to live a better life.

Tiara came to India for treatment of Fibromyalgia

Tiara from Florida flew to India for undergoing stem cell treatment via Stem Cell Care India. She suffered from chronic extensive musculoskeletal pain which was testified in all four quadrants of the body as well as the lower back with the manifestation of multiple myofascial tender points. Upon diagnosis, she was found to have Fibromyalgia. She decided to undergo stem cell treatment after attaining all the information from SCCI. After the treatment, she is able to experience a lot of improvement in her symptoms.

Alexa From Miami Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi. I’m Alexa and I received stem cells here at in India with the help of Stem Cell Care India. I had a diagnosis of arthritis and also other symptoms constant with fibromyalgia such as pressure point pains. I also had lots of problems like Crohn’s chronic constipation and other things that just appeared very autoimmune. So, I came a year ago to India for getting this treatment my first time and it was amazing. After the treatment via SCCI, I could literally do cartwheels for months and months and even after that I observed that even my joints in my hands stayed really flexible and happy.

Belli Came To India For The Treatment Of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Via Stem Cells

Belli lost her sight in a matter of weeks in 2014 because of a severe case of optic neuritis – inflammation of an optic nerve that causes gradually blurry vision as the nerve could no longer interconnect with the brain. Until recently, dark shadows were the solitary thing she could make out, and she used a stick and numerous technological devices to help her move around. After undergoing stem cell therapy at SCCI, in which stem cells extracted from bone marrow in her hip were injected into a diverse area in each eye, she progressively recuperated some of her sight. She can now read menus and street signs, get around without her stick, and have seen her husband’s face for the first time in 4 years.

Mariam Received Stem Cell Treatment From Intellectual Disabilities

I am Mariam’s mom. I have to say that I have been most awe-struck by the Stem Cell Care India’s overall professional approach and the advantage that my daughter Mariam had received from the stem cell injection as she was suffering from some intellectual disabilities. The staff was excellent and quickly answered any questions I had regarding the treatment and expected outcomes. I can’t say enough good things about the doctors that SCCI connected me to. I feel that they have given me hope and a chance to see my beloved daughter get rid of her disability and grow into a decent adult.