Sarala, 4 Years Old, Came to India for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Sarala is a 4 year old girl with an analysis of Ataxic Cerebral Palsy. She was born at 39 weeks because of a low fetal heart rate. We do not know what instigated the low fetal heart rate and we might never know. She appeared okay at birth but it became obvious over the next few months that there was something erroneous. She has microcephaly (small head boundary), trigonecephaly (her forward lobe is smaller in proportion to the rest of her brain occasioning in the metopoc sutures fusing prematurely), hypotonia (low muscle tone), apraxia, dysarthia and global developmental adjournments. She has been getting PT and OT services from about 7 months and speech from 16 months of age. She comprehends a great deal but her major trouble is motor planning and implementation and having her body do what she desires it to do. Only then, after many failed efforts, we planned to make her undergo stem cell treatment in India.

We found out about a hospital named Stem Cell Care India and were enthusiastic to learn that we would be able to securely remove stem cells from her own umbilical cord and re-inject into her spinal fluid. We felt comforted knowing that it was her own blood and that her body would not reject it, but we were of course concerned about whether her little body could handle the process and didn’t know what to anticipate. We booked the process when she was 23 months. The technique was very simple. Sarala went in for the first part, handled the anesthesia just okay and the process itself of extracting the bone marrow took no more than 30 minutes. After some hours, we went back to the hospital and had the second portion of the treatment in which they put her under and vaccinated the stem cells into her spinal fluid which also took not more than 15 minutes or so. She was completely fine and back to her normal happy self by that evening. We are very thankful to the team of experts at Stem Cell Care India.

Jacob was Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, Came to India for a Treatment

Jacob, a resident of Norway, was suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction and had to face a lot of embarrassment in front of his wife. His confidence level was also going down day by day. He had tried several medicines and solutions but all went in vain. Then, he planned to opt for stem cell treatment. In first-phase treatment sessions, he was able to have sex six months after the one-time treatment, without recourse to medications or penile implants. The optimistic outcome showed no signs of flagging during a succeeding year-long monitoring period. That is much better than taking a capsule every time you want to have intercourse. The outcomes were promising enough to satisfy the patient that he has been cured. To carry out the procedure, doctors at Stem Cell Care India removed fat cells from a patient’s belly via liposuction. The cells go through a brief treatment and arise as all-purpose stem cells, meaning they can transmute into almost any specialized cell in the body. The stem cells are then inoculated with a syringe into the penis, where they extemporaneously start to change in to nerve and muscle cells, as well as the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. The patient was under general anesthesia while all of this happened and Jacob got discharged from hospital the same day.

Jacob is very grateful to the clinic and feels that it has state-to-the art technologies and admirable human resource to lawfully apply stem cell therapies. Their goal is to offer the patients all the opportunities available to address their particular health needs so as to improve their quality of life.

Mariam T. from UK Came to India for Finding a Cure of Her Kidney Disorder Turmoil

Hi, I am Mariam from UK. Last year, I was suffering from acute kidney issues that were hampering my normal course of life a lot. I went in for treatment via antibiotics as I was a critical CKD patient, my serum Creatinine had reached grave levels. I had unfailingly resisted requests for a dialysis and wanted to do stem cell therapy so to circumvent the need of dialysis henceforth in future as well.

Stem Cell Care India’s protocol for CKD dictates the inoculation of mesenchymal stem cells, straight to the kidneys via catheter (Intra-arterial Administration via catheter). However, it is imperative for the safety of the patient for the creatinine levels to be less than 4 to eradicate any risk posed by the dye essential to be used for an angiography. In this situation, I was requested to undergo a dialysis to lessen the creatnine levels, but I was adamant to get the cells injected via Intravenous Administration (IV). The idea was to give the cells by IV and see how much advantage I can derive from it. If I do derive advantage and the cretanine levels do drop, the hospital staff had planned to repeat the therapy for further drops till the level reaches in controlled confines to deliver cells intra-arterial way. I was discharged in the evening and reported no post technique complications. This obviously shows us that the headway of the disease had stopped and the drop in creatinine levels specifies start of the healing process of the impaired kidneys.  Further follow-ups were planned in one month and contingent on the condition of my health, another round of therapy will be advised.

Mr. Patrick Came to India as His Dad was Suffering from COPD

My father lives in Brazil. He is retired now; however he was an engineer and was a businessperson in the export import trade market. He has thalassemia, a blood anemia and perhaps owing to it has developed the Pulmonary Hypertension. He perhaps has had it for several years, but it was only spotted in 2008. Before the stem cell treatment, my father could not even hike a couple of steps upstairs. Now, he can walk and has much more energy than before. His quality of life has upgraded considerably. Precisely, 3.5 months after the stem cell treatment, the compression of the right side of his heart dropped 22%, going from 73X20 mmHg to 57X15 mmHg, as measured by the ECG. This was an amazing improvement.

The Stem Cell Care India clinic is well fortified, the surgeons were very vigilant and professional and the staff did their best to make the patients fell at ease. I have been living in India for 6 years already and that made it much easier to support my father’s trip there. We exceedingly vouch for this treatment to other Pulmonary Hypertension patients, bearing in mind the significant improvement that he presented. His medical examinations are much better as well as his quality of life. We will be happy to exchange emails or phone calls with other patients. Others have done that for us and speaking to them assisted us to decide to get the stem cell treatment.

Mr. Bilal from Pakistan Came to India for ALS Treatment

Mr. Bilal, 62 years from Peshawar Pakistan was a healthy and active guy till about 5 years ago when he started feeling some feebleness in the thumb on the left leg. Gradually, he stared getting incidences of foot drop and within one year of starting of indications he was inept to walk and was restrained to a wheel chair. He also lost the power in the upper limbs soon subsequently. He got in touch with the finest neurological centers in Pakistan and was identified with ALS. The sickness continued to progress and gradually his power to speak and usage of all 4 limbs got affected. That is when the family began investigating on the internet for substitute treatments. They studied about stem cells on the internet and their local doctors recommended them to go for the treatment which promised to alleviate the sickness and stop its progression. They got in touch with Stem Cell Care India, Delhi, India and sent over their medical reports to be investigated. Experts at the clinic recommended the family by explaining the treatment process, risks and victory rates and guided them to go for stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy was executed on the patient using patients own body sources viz. patients bone marrow and patient’s mesenchymal cells. The cells were processed and re-vaccinated in the patient via Lumbar Puncture and IV. The patient endured the whole process very well without any impediments. Approximately 160 Million cells from were re-injected into the patient. As per the patient’s nephew, they saw some upgrading in the patient from 5th day of process where he had started to express himself in a better way than before. The concluding outcomes will be known in 4-6 months’ time and expectantly patient will benefit enormously from the therapy. Mr. Bilal says that doctors are very proficient of this clinic and he hasn’t been very well looked after.The facility is faultlessly clean, the food is phenomenal, the staff is so welcoming and attentive. He really feels that they have made him their favored and looked after him very well. And wholly, it has been an unbelievably positive experience.

Jacob from Canada Came to India for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

I am Jacob, a 57 year old man who has MS and I had my first major MS attack 10 years ago at age 47. I went off to the native doctor with my symptoms and was misdiagnosed as having had a stroke. I was properly diagnosed 8 years ago. I was fortified by my neurologist to begin the treatment using beta interferon to halt the headway of attacks which I did for 3 years. Regrettably for me, the treatment did not stop the progression of my incapacities. I also felt gave it me some revolting side-effects, so I decided to stop. My frailties continued to upsurge and ultimately, I was forced out of work. So, for ten years, my health worsened and I amassed many debilities.

I had read much about stem cell therapy and often speculated if it might help me. In October 2011, I decided undertake stem cell therapy in India. One evening, I received a call from the clinic notifying me I had been accepted as an appropriate applicant and to arrange when I would like to go through their treatment. The hospital staffs are well proficient at looking after patients and all spoke English. The doctor gave me a session of what would happen and also clarified of any conceivable dangers. The process of extracting the bone marrow from my hip was carried out fairly easily. I simply had to be lying down on my side and the surgeon extracted the bone marrow from my hip. Since I was not in a position to see him doing the process, I can only describe it as being about as uncomfortable as a dentist session. The procedure only took about 30 minutes. They then send the bone marrow off to the laboratory where they detached the stem cells and treated me successfully. I rationalized my notes about my stem cell therapy. My quality of life has improved so intensely after this treatment.

Princy Came to India for the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer

The last thing Princy Torres anticipated was to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She worked out, ate well and kept her weight on a tight rein. There had to be some blunder. Princy asked her doctor to repeat the examinations, but the outcomes were the same. At 43, for causes no one could fully explain, she had diabetes and her life was changed vividly. After some months of this analysis, she started experiencing foot ulcers related to diabetes. “It really frightened me,” says Maria. “I thought I was going to expire soon.” Irrespective of this, she now had to redraft her life to manage the diabetes. Her cells had developed a condition called insulin resistance. Though her pancreas was manufacturing insulin, which tells cells to take in blood sugar, the cells were not collaborating. Consequently, glucose was amassing in her blood, putting her at risk for heart ailment, nerve mutilation, eye problems and a host of other glitches.

To help her cells absorb glucose, she needs regular insulin inoculations. Princy vaccinates the hormone five times a day and must often measure her blood sugar levels even more recurrently. Loyally following this regimen has kept her active for 10 years, but insulin is not a remedy. Even with the regular injections, she faces vivid mood swings and more serious problems as glucose levels rise and fall. One of the most favorable strategies to cure diabetes is to opt for stem cells treatment, which sense blood sugar levels and produce insulin to decrease them. Patients with type 1 diabetes would benefit since stem cells would replace the ones they would lost to disease. Type 2 patients, like Princy, could upsurge their body’s aptitude to produce insulin, dropping blood sugar levels and lightening the need for injections.

Andy from Africa Came to India for Treatment of Optic Nerve Dystrophy

Andy from Africa, a 28 year old female patient, is suffering from hereditary form of disease known asOptic Nerve Dystrophy. The patient exhibited typical symptoms of the ailment including loss of central vision and waning peripheral vision. Her right eye was affected more than the left eye. Upon checkup, it was found that the vision in the right eye was 6/60 and in the left eye was 6/12. The patient agreed to undergo mesenchymal stem cell treatment in India. It was decided that the cells will be transplanted Intravitreal and through Retrobulbar inoculation only in the right eye. It was also decided that any residual quantity of the cells will be given via IV to the patient accompanied by growth factors.Just about 170ML of Bone Marrow was extracted from the patient from the iliac crust and just about 200ML of it was extracted from the belly region in OT setting. Patient tolerated the processes well under local anesthesia and sedation.

Stem Cells were separated from the sources at Stem Cell Care India’sultra-modern lab and final volume of 4ML adipose tissue SVF and 6ML of bone marrow concentrate was conveyed back to hospital in sterile, temperature controlled method. Once in the hospital, 0.1ML of adipose stem cell solution was given Intravitreal in the right eye and residual solution was given via Retrobulbar injection. Bone Marrow concentrate accompanied by plasma growth factors were vaccinated via IV. Patient tolerated the techniques well without any grievances and was discharged the same night. Patient presented herself for follow up 48 hours after the process and local inspection revealed normal eye compression and no ostensible discomposure. Patient reported slight fogginess in vision which is to be anticipated. Patient was able to effortlessly pass the finger counting test and the vision stood at the same position where it was before the process. Patient presented herself for follow up 10 days post process. The mistiness in the vision was nearly gone and the patient was able to read the eye chart to the third line which she was not able to do before the process. Examination revealed steady eye pressure and perfection of vision to 6/24.

Mrs. Linda Visited India for Stem Cell Treatment for Cardiovascular Problems

Pregnancy with my third baby was very upfront and without any difficulties. I was fit and healthy when I went to the hospital in February 2005. Instantaneously after giving birth to Maria, unexpected massive bleeding had befallen. The doctors implemented an embolization of the iliac artery, which later on ruptured. Because of the rupturing, I was in excruciating pain around the clock. My left side was numb. I could barely feel my leg and did not have the power to stand appropriately. Whenever I tried standing, my hips surrendered. The numbness spread across my belly, occasioning in complete numbness of my upper middle body. I could not use the bathroom more than once or twice a week, I suffered from insomnia and groin swelling and I could barely sit. Walking was only imaginable when I could steady myself somewhere and only in the house for very tiny distances. I could not walk up the stairs to the bathroom. My muscles continued to deteriorate and because of my in capacities, I could not leave the house on my own. Naturally I referred all types of doctors. I went to neurologists and to two vascular surgeons. Physiotherapy for my hip and knee did not benefit. I felt awful and I lost hope. Then, I got to know about stem cell treatment in India.

We went to India and undertook stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Care India. Bone marrow encompassing the stem cells was extracted from my hipbone. The separated stem cells were re-vaccinated in two diverse places: into my lower abdomen and into my left hip. I am astonished and actually believe in stem cell therapy. I contemplate this as a complete reversal.

Spike from US came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for muscular Dystrophy

Spike was indeed a challenging case as he had fibrosis tumors all over spine and body. Consequently, his spine was very feeble and an ambition of BM was a difficult task to achieve. Before coming for stem cell treatment in India, Spike was hastily losing muscle strength and instead was met with muscle pain. Luckily in 2014, a family friend mentioned about Stem Cell Care India that offers stem cell treatment for muscular dystrophy and other present incurable conditions. In Spike’s mother’s words, “We thought it was the ray of hope that we all desired. It was a hope for improvement, as until then there was no other substitute.” While there was apprehension over the experimental nature of the treatment, the optimisms that the condition would alleviate and stop moving ahead were greater. Their first treatment was in 2014 and after the flight to India; they found that after the first some days of familiarizing to the time difference, food, and culture, it was a very comfy and enjoyable stay with the hospital staff being very hospitable, amenable and helpful.

The family noted that the first improvements came after just one month after treatment and has gone even beyond their anticipations. The principal surprise was the improvement in Spike’s musculature or muscular definition, which is a rare improvement for muscular dystrophy patients, particularly when relying on traditional treatment approaches alone. Spike and his family would like to thank you for all the support they have had from hospital staff, everybody and they want to tell these folks that they are the best. The individuals who will come here for treatment will have all the support desirable to continue fighting and win. With the grace of God and everyone, we will always win.