Steve Came to India for Sports Injury Treatment via Stem Cells

I am always thankful to doctors at Stem Cell Care India who had concentrated their brilliance on research and innovation to offer their patients with contemporary regenerative medical treatments and techniques. They have been treating me for over 10 years. Every process on my knees, shoulders, lower back, feet and hands has given me pain respite and better joint function, elasticity and mobility. I look at doctors here as my team coach. They know what is best for me. The staff members have great approaches, are very experienced and highly competent.  My responsibility is to follow precisely what doctors and their staff say to do to attain maximum positive outcomes. This takes account of taking all the supplements and Cytokines and arranging any physical therapy when required.

My friends are always asking me how I stay so energetic after all the sports I play. It is simple, having the Stem cell procedures have impressively heightened the quality of my life and the aptitude to remain very energetic.  I have no trouble keeping up with individuals who are sports people like me, when playing tennis or snow skiing. Many of my friends are so awestruck with my outcomes that they ask about the details of the process, healing time and what to expect. I have referred many friends, including to this clinic who now tell me about their successful outcomes with their stem cell therapy.

Matt, a Sportsperson Came to India for Sports Injury Treatment via Stem Cells

My problems began about three years ago when I met with an injury while playing basketball. My joints hurt so much that I was able to walk only with the assistance of a walking stick. I didn’t want to undergo replacement of joints as they would have to replace me both knees and a hip! When I heard from my doctor about the likelihood of using my own cells from my own fat, I planned to undergo the treatment at Stem Cell Care India. The benefit of the procedure is that the cells can be applied during one process to more regions of the body, but still – trust but verify – so at first I underwent application to the zone of both knees. Within a month, my condition upgraded so much that the next appointment with the doctor was chiefly because I needed to order further treatment i.e. application of stem cells into the zone of the right hip. Now it is 10 months after the procedure and if I should think cautiously, then in relation to momentous improvement of my health condition, I can only say that it was a fantastic investment. Indeed, I do not run competitively, but I have never done that before. I am contented that I do not have to use a walking stick, my joints do not pain and hurt and I can sleep all night long. I undertook the application of own stem cells in 2016. Improvement progressively appeared. Two months after the process, I began to ride a bike and I had smaller hikes.

Previously, every day I felt pain and rigidity of the knee that limited me in other activities. Now it has been one year after the process already and I am categorically gratified and I do not regret. I ride my bike painlessly, I also relished skiing and ice skating this year, I can play basketball without confines and can also practice my other beloved sports (badminton, swimming etc.). I admit that I am avoiding a running for lengthier distances, but that is mainly owing to exaggerated carefulness and long-term lack of this type of load. Furthermore, the status of the muscles of the legs even improved. Also, there can essentially be seen a significant upsurge of cartilage on control X-ray images. So, a visible fissure on X-rays, as it was clarified to me.

Charlie, 12 Years old, Visited India from UK for Getting a Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Charlie is 12 years old now. He was born prematurely but was healthy. Nevertheless, owing to an infection, he suffered from brain hypoxia (not sufficient oxygen) that caused a central nervous system lesion. This resulted in the under-development of his brain and consequently he had trouble accomplishing the physical and mental milestones at the same rate as a healthy kid. He had control of all his limbs but couldn’t walk independently. His eyesight was frail and his speech was restricted. He attended a school for kids with special needs. A visit to the doctor confirmed that Charlie had Cerebral Palsy. We heard about stem cell therapy from a colleague and found it encouraging. Upon reading further and after lots of discussion, we decided to go for stem cell treatment in India.

We came here and were welcomed by a friendly staff at Stem Cell Care India. Charlie underwent umbilical cord extraction after which the treated stem cells were vaccinated into spine via lumbar puncture. Some cells were even given intravenously. After 8 weeks of the treatment monitored by rigorous physiotherapy, we perceived a remarkable improvement in his eyesight. Even his immune system improved fabulously. We went back for treatment after 6 months. This occasioned in an improvement in his intellectual aptitude and his movement showed radical improvement. His grasp became better and he can now string words together. We are very grateful for this treatment. It has upgraded the quality of life for Charlie and we hope he gets better as time passes by.

Peter Came to India for Brain Injury Treatment

Peter met with a bike accident on August 2nd, 2013, he was in coma and the CT showed he had a diffuse axonal injury, his right anterior bone and bilateral orbital floor fractured. The doctors cut into the trachea via the neck to save him. He got a nasal feeding tube and a subdural effusion’s suction. He woke up after 7 months, but he was insensible, he was not able to move his arms or legs, he also had rigidity. His relatives assisted him do rehabilitation activities repeatedly. He had the nasogastric feeding tube taken out 9 months later and was put on a semi-liquid diet. He had epileptic seizures and when they ensued, he would spread all four limbs, his head would jiggle and turn to one side, and his lower jaw would tremble too. The doctor analyzed him with epilepsy and prescribed Levetiracetam and Clonazepam to control the seizures 10 months year ago. He came to Stem Cell Care India and had stem cells treatment 6 months ago, after the treatment; his breathing was better and had less nystagmus. At times, he had it when he slept. The muscle tension was lower than before; he can now close his mouth. He took pills on a regular basis after he was discharged. The muscle tension was lower, the epileptic seizures stopped. He replied to stimulus (he could turn his upper limbs in front of his chest).He was able to chew the food. He desired a better life, so he came to this clinic again and he was analyzed with sequela of brain injury.

Peter was diagnosed with sequela of brain injury. He got 3 neural stem cell injections and 3 mesenchymal stem cell injections to overhaul his impaired nerves, nurture the neurons, stimulate the new cells in his body and improve his blood circulation. He also had physical rehabilitation drill. After 16 days of treatment, the degree of consciousness was higher than normal. The muscle tension was lower than before; the left knee had a reflexive rejoinder.

Ms. Jane Came to India for the Treatment of Joints Pain

Ms. Jane is a 36 year old female, she was presented with inflammation and pain of the joints which she has suffered for more than 9 years, the symptoms became more intensified 1 year ago. She was spotted with Ankylosing Spondylitis. She had taken steroids and antipyretic and analgesic medicine and she tried numerous varieties of physiotherapy but had no outcomes. Within the past 1 year, with the development of the sickness, more joints were affected and she frequently suffered from giddiness, weakness, ankylosis of the cervical vertebra, the joints in her fingers had fusiformis deformity, inflammation of the wrists. Ms. Jane had a very poor appetite as she had taken so many medicines for such a long period. Her mental status is frail and she felt tenderness and swelling in her chest, discomfort in her back and shoulders, intermetacarpal joints, ankle joints, right elbow and knee joints. There is restraint to the movement in her joints. She had to wear trousers and quilted knee-highs even in the heat of summer. Her life is very excruciating. Then, she decided to opt for stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India.

After her admission, the doctors gave her Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) implantations, 3 times, in conjunction with the treatment to improve her internal environment, fine-tune her immune system, speed up the stem cells differentiation, etc. After treatment, the inflammation in her fingers was assuaged impressively and the soreness and inflammation symptoms of the joints, accompanied by her morning rigidity disappeared totally. Other symptoms improved significantly also. Now, she can do everyday housework andlive her life ordinarily.After treatment, the pain in her neck and waist were also assuaged, her stiffness had improved greatly, her spine could move more adaptably than before. Now, the patient had given up alcohol already, her quality of life had amendeda lot.

Mark Came to India for Stem Cell Wound Treatment

While folks might often hear about stem cell therapy for things such as blood cancers and autoimmune illnesses, stem cells can also play a role in wound healing. Senior citizens with cutaneous injuries might witness a slower development in the restoration of their wound​s because of abridged skin elasticity, slower collagen replacement and age-related ailments, particularly those that affect blood flow. This is what Mark was suffering from.

Consequently, doctors often search for techniques to accelerate the healing process and stem cell therapy certainly did the magic for Mark. These organisms kindle the formation of blood vessels and naturally fine-tune the amount of inflammation, as per a study. While studies these days cites the need for supplementary research into the identification and separation of the most therapeutic cells, as well as an effective delivery method for cell defense for this specific purpose, the outcomes of this analysis by Stem Cell Care India in case of Mark show promise. Doctors at StemCellCareIndia discuss stem cell therapy with patients only if it is a feasible treatment for the specific wound. If this is deemed to be the correct course of action, doctors clarify the process and its prospective risks and benefits. Medical specialists, no matter what kind of treatment they suggest, deliberates a senior’s nutritional status, support system, religious and ethical principles and psychological evaluation in their concluding decisions. Asking for the patient’s contribution and level of comfort with certain therapies is also a strong recommendation, as individuals might have many queries relating to their options for wound care.

Taylor, 64 years Came to India from UK to Get Stroke Stem Cell Treatment

It happened in May 2003. I was on my way into my bedroom when I precipitously collapsed. Luckily, my wife comprehended that I had had a stroke and instantaneously called for the emergency doctor. I was examined at the hospital. It demonstrated my wife’s fears were correct. I was administered diverse drugs to try and stop the bleeding in my brain. Sometime around midnight, the bleeding eventually stopped. I had to remain in intensive care for three more days then I was shifted to the observation ward. After two more days, I was shifted to a regular ward. I had lost the capability to swallow and so I had to be tube-fed. I also had lost my capability to speak; I was only capable of some few, short words. Immediately after the stroke I could not sit. I felt dreadful and I had lost all hope that I would get better, particularly as I suffered from relentless headaches.

Then, I decided to go in for stem cell treatment in India. I went to Stem Cell Care India and there, after diagnosing me, they started with the treatment. Extraction of stem cells and injection of the stem cells was entirely without problems. Astonishingly, there were no headaches at all instantaneously after I woke up from the anesthetic. After some days I had another surprise. I was able to put part of my impaired foot on the ground and few days later I could put the entire foot down flat. The following six weeks showed further improvement. Talking became a lot easier. The words started to come back and my vocabulary widened speedily. Steadily, I found it easier to keep my balance and I was able to walk progressively. Regaining the capability to speak and walk aided me to return to my old life. I am relishing it so much and I am very appreciative. When I think back of the days in hospital when I thought my skirmish was in vain.

Matt from Dallas, US Came to India to Seek Autism Stem Cell Treatment

My son Matt James was suffering from Autism disorder. He was born with Down syndrome and a duodenal artresia and annular pancreas. This was surgically rectified within some days after birth and after a hospital stay of about 6 weeks. We, as his parents stimulated his development and played and intermingled with Matt intensively. This occasioned in her development being only slightly delayed. Within a couple of months, matt lost his signs and words and she seemed deaf, not reacting to our voices or music. Eye contact was severely reduced, she snubbed to walk, stopped playing with his toys, developed extreme sleeping difficulties and temper irritabilities. His development had stopped and he withdrew himself wholly. When he was about 3 years old, he received the diagnosis autism and it came positive. On February 17, 2011 Matt (age 7) underwent stem cell therapy as we took him to India. There were no side-effects and the treatment caused only trifling discomfort to Matt. Within some days of treatment, Matt started showing more interest in his daily routines, he started imitating more enthusiastically and we saw an upsurge in his self-help skills.

His cognitive aptitudes have significantly improved. His expressive language, which used to be always very low, has enhanced with knowing when to say “please” and “thank you” and requesting now before he has a meltdown or needs to be impelled. His receptive language went from about 80% to 100% making him much more obedient. Also, his sense of humor is overexcited, he teases us now. His social interaction has also upgraded with being more interested in who is around and not finding another room away from everybody. His loudness has declined from 110% to about 15% and our house is a much more peaceful place now. We are really happy with the outcome of the stem cells treatment for my son so far.

Azhar Visited India for Getting Stem Cell Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

I am Azhar and some years ago, in 2001, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I began to notice tremors in my left hand and started to lose my pace and drag my left leg. Then, I was spotted with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 44. I had re-wedded one year earlier and was literarily caught in the middle of life. I was still a young man and often had to face strange responses from persons, who were not aware of my disease. I underwent a pallidotomy treatment almost a decade ago, which stopped the tremor in my right hand, but I lost my harmonization. I used to fall a lot before the pallidotomy, as I was tripping a lot. Despite this devastating diagnosis, I remained with a positive outlook all the time. Some 5-6 years back, I started being miserable and my right hand also started to have tremors. I got exhausted of taking so much medicine. By then, we began to research the internet about stem cell therapy and numerous clinics that are offering stem cells treatment in India. Only then, we came to know about the expertise of Stem Cell Care India.

I flew down to India and opted for stem cell treatment in this hospital. It was a rewarding experience. I had a smile on my face, had more expression, became chattier, and recovered my confidence. Prior to the treatment, I used to freeze often and was not able to move. After the stem cell treatment, I would no longer freeze. My handwriting has also improved. I felt much better after my stem cell therapy, my hopelessness improved and I just want to keep going now; like being unrestrained after having been tied down at length.

Henry Came to India for Looking Fit Again via Stem Cell Treatment

I was diagnosed with rheumatism several years ago and more than 17 years ago, my right ankle had to be bonded surgically. Since then, I have had an ulcerated ankle with severe pain. Throughout these years, 6 bone splitters broke out of the affected leg; the bone splitters poked excruciatingly into the ulcerous tissue and my foot was continuously swollen. No tangible diagnosis was ever made, it was attributed on my rheumatism and I was just given stronger painkillers and had to wear orthopedic boots, because the distorted ankle since and I walk on a tendon. My suffering can barely be described and the pain that I had to endure, regardless of the potent painkillers robbed me of any hopefulness. The leg was ulcerated up to the knee by this time. I could no longer ride a bike or drive. The hospital work that I had taken up after the death of my wife, which was very imperative to me, became progressively more challenging until finally I had to give it up totally. I could no longer partake in normal life, sat around feebly in my wheelchair, and just kept falling asleep, sedated from morphine and other medicine. Then, we heard about stem cell treatment. It sounded too good to be true, but it was our last optimism and there were no other alternatives. My liver and kidneys would not be able to handle the medicine much longer and my leg was close to bursting open. Today, we view it as a sign from God.

After this treatment, today, I am again involved in the hospital work that has given me so much power for over 13 years. I can drive and ride a bike again and I take my grandchildren to the park and can walk for hours. I need some light pain medicine only if I have been on my feet for more than 3-4 hours. My quality of life has improved enormously and I am relishing life again.