Charlie Came To India From Hungary To Get Stem Cell Treatment For Optic Neuropathy

After getting into a car accident when Charlie was 17 years of age, he developed optic neuropathy issue, which caused her vision to worsen over quite a few years to the point where he had to resign from his dream job of a photographer. This is when Charlie started his research into stem cell treatment. After an in-depth research, he underwent stem cell therapy in India via SCCI. After the treatment, he is able to experience a lot of improvement in his condition and he hopes to join back his job soon.

Katie Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment Of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

Katie is a 4 year old kid and she traveled to India with her parents so as to get stem cell treatment for optic nerve hypoplasia. Katie was first treated with stem cells in April of 2018 via SCCI. After her first treatment she started to see light and distinguish colors. With both eyes, she was also able to read and identify the colors of a green sign some 30 feet away. These improvements are not the first for Katie, and the family is undoubtedly hoping they are not the last.

Nimisha got treated from major skin abrasions via stem cell therapy

Nimisha from Assam came to Delhi for the treatment of major skin abrasions via stem cell therapy. She is really impressed by the way the team of SCCI handled her case. I am essentially pain-free; it is like night and day now. I can’t believe it that I am being treated. I really appreciate the way the team of Stem Cell Care India showed professionalism and treated me so well. Thank you.

Gerald came to India for stem cell treatment

Gerald, 49 years, came to India for stem cell treatment to look and feel fit. She felt that this treatment gives superb outcomes, is pain-free and there is no risk. He contacted SCCI team in February and one of the patient managers took her medical particulars about the treatment and after conversing it with their crew of medical experts, the manager contacted Gerald back and clarified his details about the process and the treatment process accompanied by the costing and other vital particulars about the stem cell therapy and its result on the fitness process. She is really happy after undergoing this treatment.

Mrs. and Mr. Mark from UK came to India for the Down syndrome stem cell treatment of their baby.

Our baby was born with Down syndrome and she had had subnormal motor skills. Once she was 3 years old, we decided to opt for stem cell therapy at StemCellCareIndia in India. After the treatment, she has shown a lot of improvement. Our baby was admitted with complaints of delayed milestones, lack of voice, cardiac shortcomings, slanted eyes and with no neck holding capacity. She underwent two sessions of stem cell treatment of which the first session lasted for around three months. By the end of three months, the muscle tone was improved in all limbs. She also had started babbling and crawling gradually. She was more social and was able to identify his near ones after the first session. Better results were observed with no hostile events. We are really happy with her treatment and want to thank the team of SCCI.

Mr. Nelson Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment

Mr. Nelson, 29 year old, who had been living with Spinal Muscular Dystrophy for all his life, was determined not to let the ailment take a toll on him. He was only a mere 4 years old when he was inadvertently discovered to have marks of muscular dystrophy, during a routine health inspection when his father stated to the doctor about his trouble in getting up when sitting on the floor and his propensity to often fall while running. The doctor recommended a muscle biopsy and the outcomes sent a wave of misery in the heart of his parents when it confirmed the analysis of spinal muscular dystrophy. His father then decided to take him to India for stem cell therapy and contacted SCCI. It has been 2 sessions of the treatment now and Nelson and his father are quite happy with his improving condition.

Paul Came To India From Rome To Get Stem Cell Treatment For Burger’s Disease

Paul, 38 years in age, was suffering from Burger’s Disease since past years. His life had been very miserable since then. He tried a lot of therapies and medicines but wasn’t happy with the outcomes. He finally decided to come to India for getting stem cell treatment. He contacted Stem Cell Care India for this. It has been 6 months to his treatment and he has been able to experience a lot of improvement in her condition. He is very happy with the results and the team of SCCI.

Asim came from Afghanistan to India for stem cell treatment of Fibromyalgia

I would like to thank Stem Cell Care India for their services. I was facing a condition named as Fibromyalgia which was making even routine normal activities very challenging with incapacitating pain all over the body. Although I had tried numerous other medical alternatives, I found no perpetual respite. With a lot of self-consciousness, I flew to Delhi, but I am happy I came here. With doctors at SCCI constant support and crew of doctors, I underwent stem cell therapy. They were very qualified; process was well informed, right from the beginning until the last discharge day. It has been around two months now, and I am having nearly 70% respite from pain and I can see that I am getting improved by each day. I thank the crew with all my heart for their pronounced services.

Noorie Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment

Noorie, 59 years in age, lost her sight in a matter of weeks in 2012 because of a severe case of age related macular degeneration. Until a moment ago, dark shadows were the solitary thing she could make out and she used a cane and a number of other technological devices to support her function. After undergoing stem cell procedure with the help of SCCI’s team, in which stem cells were extracted from bone marrow in her hip were injected into a different region in each eye, she steadily recuperated some of her sight. She can now read menus and some street signs, move everywhere without her stick and is also able to enjoy with her kids to the fullest.

Aliya From Afghanistan Received Stem Cell Therapy In India For Eye Injury

Aliya lost her vision because of a brain tumor a couple of years ago. After undergoing a lot of surgeries, she decided to travel to India for her first stem cell treatment procedure in 2018. She contacted Stem Cell Care India for her treatment in India. After the treatment, she is quite impressed with the team of SCCI and she is able to get some of her vision back. While her pursuit for vision is not over, Aliya is thrilled with the outcomes she has got so far and is anticipating to visit again within the subsequent year for her subsequent round. She is back for a second process with the expectation of someday driving again.