Mary Stews Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment For Systemic Lupus

When doctors told Mary Stews that she might not be able to have children as she is suffering from systemic lupus, she was devastated. However, her husband motivated her to undergo stem cell treatment in India. After the treatment under the supervision of SCCI’s team, Mary was able to conceive and now she is very much stable in her condition. She wants to thank the team of Stem Cell Care India and the way they handled her case.

Cathy From Brazil Got Treated From Skin Burns Via Stem Cell Therapy

Cathy, 29 years old, was having skin burns ho her body, mainly on her thighs. When she was a kid, she was playing near the fireplace in her home and accidently, she fell off and the scorching charcoal fell on her thighs. Since then, she had been living with those burn marks. To get rid of them, she decided to contact Stem Cell Care India for her treatment via stem cells. She is really happy as her condition improved after this treatment.

John Mathew From California Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment For Skin Burns

In July 2014, John Mathew was at a party when somebody poured gasoline on a bonfire he was standing near to. In such a hurry and panicky situation, chaos was there and a major part of John‘s chest skin and back skin got burned due to that chaos. He tried undergoing a lot of surgeries and treatments but everything went in vain. After this, he decided to visit India for treatment of his skin burns via SCCI. To his surprise, all his burns and mars were healed after 3 sittings of stem cell therapy. He is very happy with the team of SCCI.

Charlie Came To India For Getting Stem Cell Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis

I am Charlie, 58 years of age. I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from last 7 years. I heard about stem cell treatment and I planned to undergo this treatment in India. I got in touch with the team of Stem Cell Care India. After arriving here, the team helped me a lot and after the treatment, I felt a lot of improvement in my condition. I want to thank the team of SCCI.

Vanca Moore Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment Of Retinopathy

Vanca Moore from Baltimore has been blind for more than 4 years, but after undergoing operation where stem cells extracted from her bone marrow were injected into her left eye’s retina and right eye’s optic nerve, she has recuperated some of her sight. She really wants to thank the team of SCCI for the sincere help they offered her. After the treatment, her condition has been able to improve significantly.

Clitia Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment Of Osteoporosis

Clitia is a patient who came from Germany for stem cell therapy for Osteoporosis. After a month of stem cell treatment, she has already observed a significant improvement. She decided to opt for the services of Stem Cell Care India for undergoing stem cell therapy in India. Around a week later, her knee started to feel improved. And numerous weeks later, her pain was vanished. Clitia is cheerful with her outcomes and her experience having stem cell surgery in India. She feels like she has been given a new life.

Mondal Came To India From Nepal To Treat Osteopenia Via Stem Cells

I am Mondal, 44 years of age. I want to thank the team of SCCI. The entire staff is wonderful! Early this year, I was detected with Osteopenia and thought I it would not get better soon. However after referring with the crew of SCCI, they informed me that I was a good contender for stem cell therapy. I went through the process and went from hardly being able to walk with supports to walking contentedly and routinely within three weeks! I was back at work rapidly and just got back on the usual track of life recently.

Kelly Received Stem Cell Treatment In India For Osteopenia

I was suffering from Osteopenia from past 8 years. I went to India and received stem cell treatment to treat condition. Best decision I have ever made is to contact SCCI. Before stem cell treatment, I spent every single night crying in discomfort. I felt miserable for several years. I was planning my own demise before I reached 30 years of age. I am only 33 years old. Now, I was a given a new life because stem cells. Everybody around me knows that I am having better health condition now. It has been 3 months since treatment and I want to thank the team of SCCI.

Patrick Came To India For Osteomalacia Stem Cell Treatment

Patrick has been suffering from this disease since past 6 years. After trying all the treatment options, Patrick decided to visit India for stem cell treatment of Osteomalacia. In her endeavors, Stem Cell Care India helped her a lot. After the treatment, she is able to experience a lot of improvement in her body and her life. She found the team of SCCI to be very professional.

Charlie Came To India From Hungary To Get Stem Cell Treatment For Optic Neuropathy

After getting into a car accident when Charlie was 17 years of age, he developed optic neuropathy issue, which caused her vision to worsen over quite a few years to the point where he had to resign from his dream job of a photographer. This is when Charlie started his research into stem cell treatment. After an in-depth research, he underwent stem cell therapy in India via SCCI. After the treatment, he is able to experience a lot of improvement in his condition and he hopes to join back his job soon.