Abdul Samad stem cell treatment for Diabetes Disorder

Abdul Samad is a 45 year old person from Sudan who was suffering from Diabetic Type 2 from the last 7 years. The patient got the detail online about stem cell therapy and he contacted to stemcellcareindia and after getting the complete detail, he decided to come in india for his stem cell therapy.

Patient was admitted in hospital and the schedule for the therapy includes stem cell transplant along with a rehabilitation program started from the same day. The mesenchymal stem cells derived from the umbilical cord injected to the patient through IV injection in span of 7 days. Patient was After 2 month of the treatment by the follow up of the patient HbA1C has dropped more than 1 point to 7.5 and he is reliefs of the pain in the legs and is also feeling more energetic.

Sheikh Saleem from Qatar Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

Stemcellcareindia team is very supporting to providing my child who is suffering from Autism disorder. They organized a meeting with the doctor in the hospital for the Autism treatment is done. Medical supervision of team of doctor and supporting staff helped me in each step of stem cell treatment. Supporting staff helped me to Airport Pickup to Hospital, Hotel, Accommodation, Visa and interpretation services.

After the treatment concerned Doctor of the clinic also stay in contact with us to corresponding patients through telephone or email. By doing this, they have given the precise feedback about their progress and also suggest further recovery if required. Sheikh Saleem from Qatar

Yusuf Hamidi from Afghanistan came to india for stem cell treatment of Optic Nerve Atrophy

I am Yusuf Hamidi was Afghanistan suffered from my left optic neuritis last year, it was healed now but i have still blurring and lack of colour perception in my left eye, i have contacted to stem cell care India for stem cell therapy for my conditioned. They invited me to come in India for stem cell therapy and my treatment start with a knowledgeable Doctor and got the treatment through Intra Venous, Intra thecal Injection and Retro bulbar Injection according to weight per body. Mesenchymal stem cell is very helpful for my condition and currently having more light perception and has certain lighting been able to see the people clearly.

Sanjay Yadav from Mumbai – India came for stem cell treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Dear Sir, Sanjay Yadav suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and got the detail through online about stem cell therapy and contacted to stem cell care India about my condition. SCCI team sent me all the details and within a day and also sent me the patient story of the previous patient who was treated through stem cell therapy and now my sensation was better in my hands and i walking straight. Adult umbilical cord tissue derived mesenchymal stem cell by Intravenous and Lumbar Puncture injection was injected to me. Thanks to help me stem cell care India Doctor and supporting staff.