Shane William from Zimbabwe came in India for stem cell treatment of Liver Cirrhosis

I am Shane William from Zimbabwe was very healthy person five year back but due to addicted of alcohol suffering from Liver Cirrhosis from last 3 month. I am not very rich man who can afford the Liver Transplant. I sent a post on stem cell care India page (facebook) regarding the stem cell therapy for my condition. I was shocked for instant reply from them and we have shared email id and got the entire details of stem cell therapy. They have done the treatment in the hospital at very low cost.

Thanks a lot the entire team of stem cell care India to help us to get the benefit of stem cell therapy. Wish you all the best

Farid Ahmad stem cell treatment for Spinal Cord

I am Farid Ahmad from Pakistan 49 years old person suffering from Spinal cord 2 years back and contacted to all the best possible Doctor in Pakistan but there is no relief and my brother contacted to StemCellCareIndia team for the same. Doctor are well experience in stem cell therapy and management coordination is very good from the date of inquiry to till the treatment done. I am very happy after the treatment.

Alisha from Australia came in India for stem cell treatment of Kidney Disorders

I am Father of Alisha, she is only 22 years old unfortunately was suffering from kidney failure from last 2 years and continuously on dialysis. I have contacted to stemcellcareindia for her treatment through stem cell therapy in matter of 6 hours got all the details about stem cell therapy. We came in India on 25th of June – 2016 for the treatment.

Doctor started the procedure from next day and totally stay in the hospital is 7 days in which she took the stem cell therapy through intra venous injection after complete evaluation. Umbilical cord derived Mesenchymal stem cell was very helpful for my daughter and currently, she is no requirement of dialysis. It’s the big achievement of modern era of treatment without any side effect my daughter is completely relief   and her self-confident is also increase.

Brandon Taylor from Australia came in India for Stem Cell Therapy of Retinopathy of Prematurity

Patient father called us after try to all the possible treatment which is available but couldn’t get any improvement in his vision. Patient father was interested to try stem cell therapy to improve the vision of his son to betterment of his quality of life. Patient was admitted in the hospital and she received 4 injection of stem cell therapy derived from Wharton’s jelly umbilical cord tissue.  After the treatment he is able to read large letter in first one of the injection and now he is reading book, newspaper and he is also recognise the colour.

Edina Abdala Son from Kenya came in India for stem cell treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Good evening sir, I am Edina Abdala from Kenya please I need information about stem cell therapy treatment. My Son is 2years and 3 months old. He doesn’t have perfect neck control, he cannot sit unsupported, he cannot walk or talk. He has not achieved any of his developmental milestones. He has severe jaundice three days after birth and blood transfusion was done twice, he’s been diagnosed of having cerebral palsy (dystonia) we have been going for physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy still no result. Just saw your page now about stem cell treatment. I got the details very soon and came in India for stem cell therapy in Stem Cell Care India Hospital and after the 1 month of the treatment his control in his neck, he can walk and talk and slowly his development is started. I am very happy to get the treatment in India and specially the Doctor and all the supporting staff who helped me a lot during the treatment.

Joseph stem cell treatment for Alzheimer’s disorder

I am Joseph from Nigeria 70 years old person suffering from Alzheimer’s disorder, by profession i was teacher 10 years back and Gradually I was losing my ability to think clearly and remember simple things like names, dates and current information. Even recognizing my relatives was becoming hard. Life was becoming hard. Then one day my son informed me about stem cell treatment for Alzheimer’s disorder. He contacted to Stem cell care India team and got complete detail about stem cell therapy and clarity which made me feel safe. After a month we came in India for stem cell therapy it’s total 1 week program in which doctor starting the procedure of stem cell therapy and rehabilitation program and now i can seen gradually improvement in my condition.