JD Evains from USA Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis

Hi, I am JD Evains from USA and I came to India for ankylosing spondylitis stem cell treatment. I am an oil and gas engineer. I was suffering from this ailment since quite some time i.e. about from 10 years. Basically, my hips and mid back was most affected and sometimes knees as well. I was getting very dejected. I also had some neck issues. I then decided to opt for stem cell treatment for my concerns. I opted for Stem Cell Care India in Delhi. After the treatment, I was quite happy and experienced a lot of relief from my pain. My joints, which earlier used to be quite painful, are now normal. The staff at this hospital is also very friendly and supportive. They didn’t let me feel that I am from a different country. I am thankful to Stem Cell Care India for such a positive dealing.

Paul Sherlock from Great Britain Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Optic Nerve

Hi, I am Paul Sherlock from Great Britain. I came to India for getting the treatment of Optic Nerve problem. I was having the problem of anterior optic ischemic neuropathy which basically meant that my optic nerve got damaged and died and therefore, it didn’t function to its optimal level. All the doctors I consulted before told me clearly that there isn’t any fail-safe treatment for my problem. So, I looked through the internet and found about stem cell treatment. I found out about the Stem Cell Care India for the treatment. I was a great experience for me to come to India and get treatment at Stem Cell Care India. It has been very smooth sailing experience with this hospital by far. When I came to India, their staff picked me up from the airport. It is a big and quite noble hospital. I started the treatment within an hour of coming here. Stem cells were injected in my body and I got healed of my problem. I am thankful to the staff of Stem Cell Care India.

Mrs. Janis from UK Came to Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 2

Hi, my friend Mrs. Janis is from UK. She is 71 years old. She was suffering from Diabetes Type 2 since many years. She was leading a very tough life due to this issue. I am her friend and I decided to accompany her for her stem cell treatment in India. She had decided to undergo stem cell treatment in India at Stem Cell Care India because of the low cost and high-quality treatment they assured of. After the treatment, she is pretty well now. We found the staff at Stem Cell Care India very friendly, supportive and kind. They are very good at speaking English as well. Overall, it was a very positive experience at Stem Cell Care India.

Brett Clark from Australia Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Hi, I am Brett Clark from Australia. I was suffering from the problem of Rosacea from some time. It was a very challenging life situation for me as I used to experience excessive sweating and more prominently, my cheeks and nose used to swell up which hampered my normal course of living. I also encountered some burning sensation in my cheeks. I decided to undergo stem cell treatment in India and I chose Stem Cell Care India for my treatment. The doctors there recommended me donor stem cell treatment as well as PRP therapy for making my life better and rid of Rosacea issue. The staff at this hospital is quite supportive and kind. After the treatment underwent successfully, I was suggested to take some multivitamin medicines and some ointment applications. I got real relief from my problem by undergoing stem cell treatment via Stem cell Care India.

Somnath Roy from Kolkata Came to Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment for Orthopedic Disorder

Hi, I am Somnath Roy from Kolkata. I belong to Delhi as I reside here. I had some cartilage issue that was making my life somehow very difficult. I had tried many treatment options but wasn’t getting much relief. Then, after exploring the internet, I got to know about Stem Cell Care India. I wrote to them about my problem and to my surprise, they replied in a very quick and prompt way. They recommended me to undergo stem cell treatment for my orthopedic disorder. I decided to undergo this treatment in a hope to get relief soon. After that, I had a discussion with Dr. Madhav who is from Mumbai and he told me that they have a procedure of bone marrow transplantation for my treatment. I consulted him and decided to undergo this specific treatment. Upon admittance on the hospital, my procedure started 6 am in the morning and it was a 2 hours process. They injected the stem cells from my bone marrow for the treatment of my cartilage. After that, I was discharged from the OT and they provided me with some multivitamin medicines. Post treatment, I am stable now. I got rid of my pain and I expect to recover fully in the coming 3 months. The doctors at Stem Cell Care India are very supportive and they even recommended me regular physiotherapy sessions.

Maik Froster from Sweden Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Atrophy

I am Maik Froster from Sweden. I was suffering from Muscular Atrophy problems in my arms from some years. This was making my life miserable and very tough. In an attempt to help me out, my wife started searching for some reliable treatment option for my problem. After some exploration, she found out about the stem cell treatment. Since this treatment was quite expensive in other nations, we got to know that there are many hospitals in India that offer affordable stem cell treatment for muscular atrophy. We chose StemCellCareIndia for getting the treatment. I felt really comfortable here with the staff. After the treatment, my problem has started healing and I am hoping that with time, it will get better. The staff and personnel of StemCellCareIndia are very kind and they communicate each and every detail of the treatment in a good way. After I woke up after the anesthesia during the treatment, they consoled me and told me everything is fine and made me relax and calm down. I totally adore the team of Stem Cell Care India and also the facilities here are very up to the mark.

Professor Nicholas Came from Ghana – Africa for Vision Loss – Stem Cell Care India

Hi, I am Professor Nicholas from Ghana. I am a professor of Statistics. I came to India for availing the stem cell treatment for vision loss via Stem Cell Care India. Few years back, I had stated encountering that my vision was deteriorating, both in terms of quality and sharpness. For getting the treatment, last year I travelled to China, where I was kept in the hospital for around 16 days and was charged a lot of money as well. However, I didn’t attain any relief. After this, I stated searching and exploring more about stem cell treatment. After my research, I decided to opt for Stem Cell Care India’s stem cell treatment for eyes in India. I contacted the hospital and they helped me a lot in imparting all the important information about the treatment to me. I realized that the cost of treatment in India is very much loss to what I had to pay in other nations. When I came to India, the treatment started and I was given vitamins and other medications. Stem cell treatment that I undergone was very simple and I got recovered very speedily. I experienced a lot of improvement in my eyesight. Also, the staff of the hospital is also very friendly, cooperative and caring.

lrvin Came to India for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

Foot ulcers are one of the sundry long-term complications that diabetic patient have to face. Irvin too had encountered this problem 4 years back. He developed these open sores which normally appear at the bottom of the foot. The ulcers had led to serious infection necessitating amputation. He received standard care plus vaccinations of mesenchymal stem cells at Stem Cell Care India that had been collected from his own bone marrow. After just six weeks, the stem cell treated region of foot indicated a 50% reduction in the foot ulcers. These superior outcomes with the stem cells were observed even though the patient receiving the stem cells had larger foot ulcers to start with. There are countless examples of mesenchymal stem cells’ healing power which make them an enormously popular cell source for hundreds of on-going clinical trials. Mesenchymal stem cells are acknowledged to decrease swelling and upsurge blood vessel formation, two properties that might be at work to give diabetic foot ulcers the chance to get better. The staff at the clinic has all been very nice, everyone has been very kind. Irvin states that he don’t think that anybody could fail to be impressed by the level of service and treatments and proficiency everybody seems to have here, and , clearly, having medical treatment is not something that individuals want to have, but at the same time it has been as pleasing as it could be to do that.

Mr. Nadal Came to India for the Treatment of Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease

Mr. Nadal, 39 year old gentleman from South Africa had been struggling with Chronic Respiratory Failure and Central Sleep Apnea nearly his whole life. In his infancy, he felt he was just feeble when he was not able to partake in sports or do outdoor goings-on that boys his age would do, but hostile health episodes in initial 2000’s led to his analysis of Chronic Respiratory Failure. Doing any type of physically vigorous work was a challenge for Mr. Nadal and with time, his dependence on artificial oxygen grew to virtually 16+ hours a day. Incessant progression of the disease and finding no respite in his homeland forced him to do some exploration on alternative treatments available and that is when he read about stem cell therapy. Mr. Nadal and his wife did their investigation and finally zeroed in on Stem Cell Care India, a stem cell therapy clinic in India to get stem cell therapy done.

The couple reached Delhi and underwent a series of tests for his disorder at the StemCellCareIndia facilities. The attending surgeons clarified his condition to him and advocated him about stem cells which reinforced his conviction in the therapy. The surgeons got back to the drawing board with the patient and it was decided to use umbilical cord tissue derived Mesenchymal stem cells for his therapy. A total of 100 Million MSC’s were organized in the ultra-modern labs of the clinic and re-injected in the patient via IV and nebulization. The cells expectantly would focus on the lungs and begin the rejuvenation procedure of the lungs. The process was completed in one day and went without any adversarial effects for the patient. Mr. Nadal returned to SA 2 days after the process. He tells that since he got back from India, he has been feeling remarkable. Before coming for the treatment, he was on oxygen for 16+ hours a day now he is also able to monitor his oxygen levels during the day using the pulse oximeter that the surgeon prescribed. Virtually every day, I use the respiratory exerciser that he also recommended for the breathing exercises.

Kenny Came to India from California to Undergo Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Treatment

I live and work in a very demanding milieu. There were times when I nearly wished myself sick just to be away from it all. A year ago, I actually started getting sick more often than usual. Then, I read about mesenchymal stem cell therapy. After much thought, I took out a personal loan for the process. I wake up with enormously more energy today than I did 12 years ago. My temperament is better. My metabolism is quicker. I think more openly. My vision has upgraded and individuals compliment me on my appearance.

Last year, I thought I would purchase a care for better traveling convenience. That is an extravagance I had to sacrifice. But I now travel in superior style and comfort as the quality of my life has improved significantly. The car can wait, but I cannot. I am going to live the rest of my life cheerier and bouncier because I elected to invest in myself. Mesenchymal stem cell treatment is life changing. My working hours are now lengthier and more dynamic. I have this additional energy to do more activities than before. Physically, my skin has tautened and improved in tone. Folks around me say I look younger. I am grateful to stem cell therapy for that new energy and longer durability. My kids and husband are also contented that I no longer look exhausted and pathetic after a long day’s work. I have some liveliness left for quality family time with them. The difference I exhibited before and after anti-aging procedure is evident. Try Stem Cell Therapy and you will thank me for welcoming you into it.