Jamie Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment

Jamie was exhibiting visible signs of SMD since the year 2009 and he was lastly diagnosed spinal muscular dystrophy in 2011. Despite physical therapy and medicines he was not very contented with the outcomes he had accomplished so far. He decided to settle on stem cell therapy in India via SCCI. After the treatment, he experienced lots of heath improvement. Following these improvements, they decided to go ahead with another round of cell therapy for muscular dystrophy treatment in India in 2013 September.

Vicky Came To India With Her Parents To Undergo Stem Cell Treatment

After being unable to walk without restrictions without bashing on objects and hurting herself, Victoria’s parents decided that their daughter received stem cell treatment for her retinitis pigmentosa at the facilities in India and for this, they came in touch with SCCI. After the sessions of stem cell treatment, now Vicky is able to feel the improvements. Before visiting SCCI, Vicky’s vision was basically distorted; this prohibited her from being able to see much. Her condition is a lot better now after the treatment. Her vision became slightly more focused too and she also speaks more now. Vicky and her parents are very much thankful to the team of SCCI.

Mr. Cath Mark Came To India For Liver Disease Stem Cell Treatment

Mr. Cath Mark is yet another sufferer of liver cirrhosis as he was a very regular drinker. He accepted the science of regenerative medicine and trusted Stem Cell Care India to offer him stem cells treatment. The patient has had sternly progressed liver cirrhosis, which was confirmed via a liver biopsy, after his discussion with gastroenterologist. The patient had gone through three sittings of stem cells infusion via SCCI and found radical improvement in his pathological reports; approving his retrieval. He is very thankful to the team of SCCI.

Mariam Came To India From Baltimore For Stem Cell Treatment For Eye

Mariam from Baltimore has been blind for more than 4 years, but after going through surgery where stem cells mined from her bone marrow were vaccinated into her right eye’s retina and left eye’s optic nerve, she has recouped some of her sight. For the first time since 2014, she has been able to navigate her way around in the street without a cane. She is very thankful to the team of SCCI and would recommend SCCI to anyone planning for a stem cell treatment in India.

Chelsea Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment

When Chelsea was 14 years old, she was detected with Burger’s Disease. Since then, her life has been very difficult and dreary. After a lot of struggle and hit and trials regarding the treatments, her parents decided to opt for stem cell treatment in India via SCCI. Her parents are very thankful to the team of SCCI as the team handled her case very professionally. After the treatment, Chelsea is able to experience a lot of improvement in her condition and in her life. She is able to live a normal life now.

Marley Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment.

Marley was analyzed with Ataxia in 2012 and he has been undergoing physiotherapy on a regular basis since then. Discontented with the outcomes, he investigated for a better treatment alternate for his case and found stem cell therapies in India quite effective. He decided to get the treatment via SCCI. Before treatment, his symptoms were poor balance, trouble in walking, an incapability to articulate her words and raise her voice and also decreasing muscle strength and energy. After a short stay in the hospital and a specialized all-inclusive treatment protocol, Marley was feeling back to his old self in such a small time span.

Steve Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment For Eyes

Steve Paul, a 62 year old gentleman had been struggling with age related macular degeneration from infancy and was officially blind for past 42 years. He decided to settle on stem cell therapy with Stem Cell Care India. Considering its clinical condition and pre-treatment valuations, he was administered stem cells taken from bone marrow + adipose tissue via intravitreal as well as retrobulbar method to authorize their targeted delivery. The outcomes were outstanding as confirmed and acknowledged through his recent investigations. He and his wife both are really pleased with the SCCI’s professionalism.

Paul Was Treated Of Intellectual Disabilities In India

Hi, I am Paul’s friend. Paul suffered from intellectual disabilities since he was 6 years old. Stem Cell Care India has given us scores of new hope. We had listened to lots of positive stories about and I really believe in it. And since last time we have been here in India, I have been noticing and a lot of individuals have told us that this therapy really works. After undergoing this treatment, Paul is able to understand much more. His attention is much better. We really want to thank the team of SCCI.

Mary Stews Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment For Systemic Lupus

When doctors told Mary Stews that she might not be able to have children as she is suffering from systemic lupus, she was devastated. However, her husband motivated her to undergo stem cell treatment in India. After the treatment under the supervision of SCCI’s team, Mary was able to conceive and now she is very much stable in her condition. She wants to thank the team of Stem Cell Care India and the way they handled her case.

Cathy From Brazil Got Treated From Skin Burns Via Stem Cell Therapy

Cathy, 29 years old, was having skin burns ho her body, mainly on her thighs. When she was a kid, she was playing near the fireplace in her home and accidently, she fell off and the scorching charcoal fell on her thighs. Since then, she had been living with those burn marks. To get rid of them, she decided to contact Stem Cell Care India for her treatment via stem cells. She is really happy as her condition improved after this treatment.