Marie Visited India for Getting Treatment of Her Stroke Problems

On August 20th, 2014, Marie experienced a cramp in her head and she fell to the ground. When she tried to stand up again, she had no feelings or sensations in her left arm and leg. She collapsed and an epileptic seizure followed. Marie stayed in the hospital for 5.5 months. In 2015, her doctors told her that only partial improvements were to be anticipated and that she had to learn to accept her life as it was. Marie began to look for substitute therapies and was informed by her family in 2015 end about different treatment options. She decided to go for stem cell treatment in India at Stem Cell Care India hospital.

It was recommended by the doctors at Stem Cell Care India that they should implement the stem cell treatment via minimum invasive surgery straight into her brain. On February 18th, 2016, Marie was treated. She accepted the processes very well, experiencing only some degree of side-effects. After the surgery, she felt exhausted and had a light headache. However, all side-effects were provisional and gone after 4 to 5 days. After only 4 days, Marie’s spasticity lessened. Her hands were more flexible and less rigid. After one week retrieval, Marie went back to school again; completely recovered from the surgery. After a couple of months, she noticed more improvements. Marie could use her elbow better and had improved fine motor utilities. Currently, she walks better; using her feet completely and not just her toes. Marie was recommended to start supplementary NCS therapy. NCS (Neuro Cell Stimulation Therapy) is a specialized rehabilitation program, particularly designed to complement stem cell therapy.

Angela Came to India for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia to Look Fit

Ms. Angela, a 35 years young female patient from Sweden contacted StemCellCareIndia for diagnoses and treatment for her ailment Fibromyalgia to look fit again. The doctors here analyzed her condition comprehensively and recommended that the reason of fibromyalgia might be multifactorial, and mechanical complications of the Central Nervous system or spine are presented as an element in producing fibromyalgia syndrome in this patient. This female patient from Sweden suffered from chronic extensive musculoskeletal pain which was reported in all four quadrants of the body as well as the lower back with the incidence of multiple myofascial tender points. It had been present for four years and in specific for at least one year. The pain was termed as continuous and dull, normally coming from the muscles and at times it was intense burning. It was quite often shoddier in the morning and muscle groups that are used repeatedly might have hurt more. The pain augmented with physical activity, cold or damp weather, nervousness and tension. She often woke up exhausted, even though she seemed to get abundant sleep. Besides that, she grumbled of chronic drowsiness, morning rigidity, sleep problems, serious headaches, constipation, numbness in the hands and feet, unhappiness and apprehension. The quality of life and diverse stages of psychosocial functions worsened owing to the symptoms. These made her doubtful about the bodily health.

Then, she planned to undergo stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India. Within a month post-treatment, she felt much better. She felt fresh after sleep and radically increased productivity of her work and the 50 % respite from chronic pain, headache and better quality of life. She herself wrote about her improvements to the clinic in 3 months post treatment.

Katy Went Stem Cell Treatment for Brain Injury

Katy was born at her mother’s 27 weeks pregnancy. The weight was 1.56Kg at birth time. She stayed in incubator for numerous days. The breathing, heart rate and sucking touched normal level. The patient suffered from lung infection when she was 3 months old. She had the entire body turn purple and experienced breathing trouble. Her breathing and heartbeat stopped for 7 minutes. After cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the breathing and heart rate was reinstated to normal. After 15 weeks of treatment, her mother found out that the movement of Katy’s limb was different with other. There was no vigorous movement. The patient got MRI of head and it displayed the brain injury. She was spotted with cerebral palsy. She took Baclofen for 4 months. The gaits were atypical when the patient turns over, sit, stand or walk. The cerebral development was lagging behind unlike a normal baby.  The understanding was normal. The vocabulary was less, but she still could express her wish. From beginning of disease, the diet was normal. The sleep was usual. The defecation and urine routine were normal too.

After admission at Stem Cell Care India, Katy received pertinent examinations. The patient received treatment for nerve regeneration and to stimulate stem cells in vivo. The patient received treatment to improve the blood circulation so as to upsurge the blood supply to the impaired nerves and also to nurture the neurons. She also received treatment to improve her immunity. This was pooled with rehabilitation training. The muscle tone of both lower limbs has abridged to normal level. The internal spin of toes and slight tiptoe condition has been assuaged. The flexion of knees has been relieved. Both lower limbs can be stretched improvingly. Left knee joint can be flattened totally. Right knee can be straightened with slight help. The patient’s condition has upgraded.

Mr. Trump Came to India for Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Treatment

Mr. Trump, 69 years old, came for stem cell treatment for anti-aging on 18th August 2014. As the internationally recognized native leader in human and community development, he has been devoting himself to bringing peacetime and mortality spirit to the entire human family. Though he has an astonishing basic health owing to his sporty body in his young ages, roaming and working around the world with infinite and laborious trips for years has consumed his energy significantly. He started to feel fatigued progressively more often and found it tough to recuperate energy easily as he used to. After revising all his pre-examinations, doctors at Stem Cell Care India made a 1 week treatment plan for him, including 4 times of stem cells (high quality) transplantation via intravenous infusion to augment his general health. Before treatment, he felt deficient of energy, particularly after he gave a speech and express his spiritual power to the public. His hands had minor tremor and he found it tough to sleep because he is always on a jetlag from intercontinental travels. He also experienced painful and weak knees. He had senile plaques on his hands, face and back.

After the treatment, he gained heaps of energy and has a high spirit day by day. The tremble of his hands has been much released and it is easier for him to fall asleep and the sleep quality has improved. The muscle of his legs has been much boosted; he can run for a short distance while he could not do this before treatment. He has an improved complexion, the senile plaques are waning steadily and black hair is growing back as his hair had already been nearly all white when he came for treatment. The above improvements were observed and recorded within 4 months after his treatment. Since the full effectiveness would be seen within 6 months after one’s treatment, there should be more improvements to be sustained.

Michael from Brazil Came to India for Getting Cured of Muscular Dystrophy

In April 2017, Michael underwent a comprehensive stem cell treatment for his muscular dystrophy, an ailment which has critically obstructed his quality of life since he was 12 he fell down and broke his leg while playing with friends. When he was 12, we went to play with friends and when Michael went to the toilet, he fell down and broke his leg. From then, he began to use the chair. His arms started to become weaker, had less power to pick things up, nurse himself, drink water and he had to start using a computer to write, since he couldn’t keep up with the schoolings and he had lots of struggle getting around.

Each year, it became more challenging for him to do his activities. In Brazil, there is no stem cell treatment, and his father, thinking of Michael’s welfare and getting better, brought him to India. As a result, He booked his treatment at Stem Cell Care India hospital. And to everybody’s surprise, Michael has had improvements with the power of his upper limb muscles, enhancements with his trunk, his balance and his self-confidence has improved enormously. He used to feel immense muscle pain, pain that, after the treatment, his family member don’t see any longer. During this year’s treatment, they have already noticed some improvements. He used to feel pain in his ribs and now this has alleviated and his father believes that after roughly six months, he will get more improvements with his muscles, more command in his hands and arms, to keep on doing everything that he has been able to do here, like being able to lock his wheelchair and other things that he was not able to do before and everybody hopes that he keeps improving. It is easy to see that Michael is happier and bubblier now.

Nawab Came to India for the Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia

The term critical limb ischemia refers to an ailment characterized by chronic ischemic rest pain, ulcers, or gangrene in one or both legs attributable to quantitatively proven arterial occlusive disease, this was the same problem Nawab was suffering from. Peripheral arterial disease affects 12% of the adult populace and up to 20% of elderly individuals. The most severe form of peripheral arterial disease is critical limb ischemia which transpires when arterial blood flow is restricted so sternly that perfusion of capillary beds is insufficient to sustain tissue sustainability.

Diabetic ischemic foot had led Nawab to experience chronic pain, sepsis, tissue loss and doctors were afraid they might have to execute eventual amputation, which can be fatal. Conventional treatment encompasses bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty. However, when he came to India at Stem Cell care India for the treatment, he learnt that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells therapy augmented lower limb perfusion and promoted foot ulcer healing in diabetic patients with critical limb ischemia. Revascularization is the refurbishment of blood flow to a body portion or organ that has suffered ischemia, normally accomplished by surgical means. Non-revascularizable critical limb ischemia is the most severe phase of peripheral arterial disease, with no therapeutic option. This mesenchymal cells treatment sturdily improves revascularization wound healing and tissue perfusion in ischemic limbs. Stem Cell Care India has state-of-the-art technologies and human resource to help you get captivating treatment possibilities for Critical Limb Ischemia via the use of stem cells. This clinic ranks as one of the best healthcare systems as it we offers high quality stem cells treatments for just a fraction of the price you get in other countries.

Stepheny Came to India for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Like innumerable other girls, Stepheny dreamt of being a model and actress. However, unlike them, she was left wheelchair-bound after a voyage to India in 2005. The American of Indian-origin was hospitalized for months, where she glided in and out of coma whilst struggling for her life. The diagnosis was chronic transverse myelitis, an inflammatory ailment that results in spinal cord injury. Rather than abandoning her career ambitions, Stepheny was strong-minded to recuperate and underwent three rounds of stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Care India to recoup flexibility in her limbs. After five years of extensive treatment, Stepheny can now walk using a support and can perform everyday errands self-reliantly. Competing in a beauty pageant called Miss Wheelchair India last year was a step towards following her desires. The 22-year-old is presently an online blogger and is energetically auditioning for roles in the Bollywood industry.

Stepheny’s story is one powered by determination and catalyzed by revolutionary improvements in medicine. Stem cell treatment is one such procedure that has given hope to many folks with chronic disorders that were once considered fatal. Disorders such as ataxia, autism, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy are some of the many that can now be treated using stem cells. With StemCellCareIndia’s extensive history of offering stem cell banking and protocols, over thousands of patients worldwide have been given a new lease on life. The combination of stem cell treatment and extensive restoration therapy at the clinic has stemmed in noteworthy improvements in patients. For some, it means they have gained the aptitude to walk, speak, interact with others or even see again. For folks such as Stepheny, the sky can once again be the limit.

Zakir From New Zealand opted for Multiple Sclerosis treatment in India

My Name is Zakir. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I voyaged all the way from South Pacific Island New Zealand back to India to have this treatment. I was persuaded to have Stem cell treatment as my illness was rolling too rapidly and after much thinking about this, I was committed to undertake stem cell therapy in India (reasonable/timely treatment). I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 with Multiple Relapses in 2013 and 2015. I was feeling very weak from my legs and finding it tough to walk. I rifled online and found about Stem Cell Care India, so I contacted the doctors there who were expert and gave me great confidence and also guided me through the stem cell therapy procedure and the post treatment options as well. My treatment was done on 12th May 2016 and then cell treatment on 13th May 2016, was discharged on 17th May 2016. Straight after the treatment I saw key improvements, I can walk amazingly better, can climb stairs (which I was inept to do after 2012) and even do workout on the treadmill!

My treatment was clean and the hospital was very pleasant including the courteous staff and personnel. I have been treated with respect, they listen and they assist and do everything in their power to ease the problem. They have a very well sophisticated staff that is nice and humble. I couldn’t vouch for a better place to go. The doctor listens and does everything in his supremacy to help. If you need a place to go to get help, this is certainly the place.

William Visited India for the Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia

Retired chef William relishes the simple pleasure of standing on his own two feet these days, thanks to the advanced care offered by Stem Cell Care India. What started out as a simple sore on his foot put William on a path to perhaps losing his right leg? His blood flow also compromised, William required amputation of four toes on his right foot until he planned to undergo stem cell treatment.

Critical limb ischemia (CLI) signifies the most advanced stage of peripheral arterial obstructive disease (PAOD) with a severe obstruction of the arteries which distinctly decreases blood flow to the extremities and has advanced to the point of severe rest pain and/or even tissue loss. Recent therapeutic strategies at Stem Cell Care India have concentrated on reinstating this balance in favor of tissue survival using mesenchymal cells to encourage regeneration of the vasculature. These are centered on stimulation of angiogenesis by extracellular and cellular constituents. This clinic carried out a systematic analysis of the most recent scientific literature based on the application of stem cells in patients with CLI. The outcomes obtained from the comprehensive analysis of the recent literature data have confirmed the advantageous role of cell therapy in dropping the rate of major amputations in patients with CLI and improving their quality of life, like that of William. Today, he can walk on his right leg without discomfort and no new wounds have developed. After facing amputation, he is grateful his leg was saved. “I’m delighted about it,” says William.

Mrs. Johnson from South Australia Came to India for Alzheimer’s Disease Stem Cell Treatment

I was working as a software engineer for more than 22 years before retiring. I was been spotted with Alzheimer’s in 2008 at the age of 52. I have had Alzheimer’s for 10 years. Was taking Atricept and underwent drug therapy as well, which helped to some extent. However, steadily I was losing my aptitude to think openly and remember simple things like names, dates and present-day information. Even identifying my relatives was becoming tough. Life was indeed becoming hard. Then, one day my husband found out about the stem cell treatment for Alzheimer’s.

I had my first course of stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Care India in the beginning of 2016. The process was safe and simple. I did not feel any discomposure or aching during and after the extraction of my bone marrow and adipose tissue. The hospital was high standard and the staff was friendly and very generous. All my doubts were replied to with tolerance and clarity, which made me feel secure. I had my second shot of stem cells 6 months later. After a couple of months, I can see a steady improvement in my condition. My memory improved marginally. I have recollected many skills like dressing, makeup, reading and writing with administration. I am also able to help in small domestic errands and kitchen work. I believe that the stem cell have decelerated the time frame of my deterioration. It has given more time to spend with my family. Thanks to the team of Stem Cell Care India!