Jacob Came India for Stroke Stem Cell Treatment

28-year-old Jacob suffered from weakness on the right side of his body and also experienced trouble in speaking while he was coming back from office. A brain MRI scan at a nearby hospital displayed that he had an ishchemic stroke because of decreased blood supply. After a couple of surgeries and treatment sessions, he and his wife decided to fly donw to India for stroke stem cell treatment. The crew of SCCI has been very helpful to book appointments with the best doctors in India. They did not have to be terrified of anything. The SCCI team was very professional too. He says, “We did not envisage that our medical trip could be so hassle -free. I contemplate myself fortunate to have communicated with Stem Cell Care India. They are the right folks for anybody looking for taking up a treatment in India.” After the treatment, the patient has now recuperated his limb power, has presented significant progress in speech and is also safe from future strokes.

Mr. Paul from UK Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Paul is appreciative and thankful to the entire team of Stem Cell Care India for at least trying to put an end to the disease of Alzheimer’s via stem cell treatment. Mr. Paul from UK is an energetic young professional, who experienced the punitive realities of Alzheimer’s disease and loss of flexibility in a very tough way. More than 8 years ago, Mr. Paul was diagnosed with a disease known as Alzheimer’s. It was a game changer for the whole family that 57 years old amusing and fun-loving individual like Mr. Paul unexpectedly stopped frolicking with his grandchildren, lost his tolerance and is in necessity of relentless support and care. It was truthfully a blessed day when he began probing for potential treatment choices for his condition and reached Stem Cell Care India.

Linda From America Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Wounds

Linda is a 45 year-old American who suffered from wounds on her body and had been searching in vain for prospective medical treatment options. She have had wounds problem for around 2.5 years now. She found out about Stem Cell Care India and went for the stem cell treatment in October 2017 here. She feels great now after the treatment. The stem cell process was a walk in the park equated to other wound healing treatment that went futile on her. She was in and out in only a matter of few hours. She felt a little bit uncomfortable subsequently but nothing excruciating. Her wound healing capacity on the second day was 1000% better than the first day.

Bumrah Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Osteoarthritis

I am Bumrah and my age is 48 years. I was suffering from osteoarthritis for approximately 7 years and doctors recommended me to undergo stem cell therapy, through one of my dear friends, I heard about Stem Cell Care India. I visited SCCI, they clarified everything about the therapy and its implication in recovering from the disorder. Overall they are qualified and experienced in arranging the therapy programme with paramount doctors to support and engage in the treatment. After treatment now I feel healthier, most prominently I would able to get up from chair, have my morning stroll and do my routine everyday activities with much ease.

Justine from USA Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease

I am Justine from USA and I am 45 years of age. I was diagnosed with Coronary artery disease 3 years ago. Of late I have been having experiencing a lot of numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. My blood pressure had also been very unstable and goes up and down very much. I do not have any cramping but heavy feeling in the chest is there and I feel very tired overall. I had a CT scan and some other tests done and then I was detected with cardiovascular disease. I was totally disheartened at that time. However, last year one of my friends told me to about stem cell treatment in India. So, I researched the web and found out about Stem Cell Care India. I came to India for the treatment. I would like to thank the team of SCCI for treating me so well.

Bent Mark from California Came India for Stem Cell Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy

I am Bent Mark from California and I was a victim of muscular dystrophy from past 5 years. I decided to opt for stem cell treatment via SCCI in India. Once I arrived here, the executive of SCCI sounded pretty welcoming and asked me to send my medical reports. He clarified to me about the whole process and what I should anticipate with this treatment. I also communicated with the doctor who clarified to me that the stem cell treatment targets to regenerate the impaired and missing muscles and help avert further complications. After conversing it with my family, I decided to fly opt for this treatment. After I underwent the treatment, I found that I am recovering fast. I am awestruck with the high-quality facilities and care I got here and would recommend you to anybody wanting an economical treatment in India.

Ms. Susanne Came India for Stem Cell Anti-Ageing Treatment

Ms. Susanne wanted to look young and wished to undergo a stem cell anti-ageing treatment in India which, as per her went tremendously well at Stem Cell Care India. According to her, at her age of 55, it is really hard to keep on with the young looks. However, she was determined to opt for an anti-ageing treatment. However, in her own country, it was very expensive and had disastrous results so she explored the web and decided to visit India for her treatment. I was pretty cynical from the beginning but my case manager from SCCI told me I should come and just meet some doctors to know more. After all the discussions, I decided to undergo the treatment and now I am very happy with the results I got.

Victoria Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Eye Disorders

After encountering a car accident in eighth grade, Victoria developed optic nerve atrophy (ONA), which instigated her vision to worsen over quite a lot of years to the point where she had to leave her much-loved job. She first started losing her vision superficially. This was a very slow and steady procedure. She was still able to partake routinely in sports and curriculums in high school. After high school, when she graduated, she had my first central vision loss. Then she decided to opt for stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India. She feels much better in her vision after she went in for the treatment.

Mr. John, 39 year old From USA Came to India for Hair Loss Treatment Via Stem Cell Treatment

Mr. John, a 39 year old, professional frantically wanted to reinstate his frontal hairline back. In a very young age, he had misplaced majority of his hair from anterior and crown zone of his scalp. Like countless of the individuals out there, his rare hair loss was a reason of social discomfiture to him. In his preliminary phase, he tried a lot of self-treating options! He tried quite a lot of shampoos, supplements and alternate treatment options of conceal, which eventually made him more disheartened with the upsurge in hair loss; this forced him to come to us i.e. Stem Cell Care India and opt for the hair restoration with stem cell treatment. Post-therapy, he was very happy to see his crowning glory returning back to him. He experienced a lot of improvement in his life after getting this treatment at SCCI.

Messi Maukuko from Mauritius Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Brain Injury

I am Messi Maukuko from Mauritius. I am 59 years old. I was detected with a brain tumor some time back. The tumor was 2.7 mm in size. I was recommended to get the tumor excision surgery done. I underwent that surgery in my country. However, it wasn’t much successful and I had to face harsh side-effects of the surgery. After this, I planned to opt for any alternate route. I had heard that the tumor can be resolved without any surgery with the help of stem cell treatment. Therefore, I decided to visit India for my treatment as I explored the net that here, the treatments are given with cutting-edge technology and reasonable prices. I contacted SCCI for this. After the treatment, I am very happy with the results. My condition improved a lot and my tumor is also removed completely now.