Mr. John, 39 year old From USA Came to India for Hair Loss Treatment Via Stem Cell Treatment

Mr. John, a 39 year old, professional frantically wanted to reinstate his frontal hairline back. In a very young age, he had misplaced majority of his hair from anterior and crown zone of his scalp. Like countless of the individuals out there, his rare hair loss was a reason of social discomfiture to him. In his preliminary phase, he tried a lot of self-treating options! He tried quite a lot of shampoos, supplements and alternate treatment options of conceal, which eventually made him more disheartened with the upsurge in hair loss; this forced him to come to us i.e. Stem Cell Care India and opt for the hair restoration with stem cell treatment. Post-therapy, he was very happy to see his crowning glory returning back to him. He experienced a lot of improvement in his life after getting this treatment at SCCI.

Messi Maukuko from Mauritius Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Brain Injury

I am Messi Maukuko from Mauritius. I am 59 years old. I was detected with a brain tumor some time back. The tumor was 2.7 mm in size. I was recommended to get the tumor excision surgery done. I underwent that surgery in my country. However, it wasn’t much successful and I had to face harsh side-effects of the surgery. After this, I planned to opt for any alternate route. I had heard that the tumor can be resolved without any surgery with the help of stem cell treatment. Therefore, I decided to visit India for my treatment as I explored the net that here, the treatments are given with cutting-edge technology and reasonable prices. I contacted SCCI for this. After the treatment, I am very happy with the results. My condition improved a lot and my tumor is also removed completely now.

Mondal from Spain came to India for the stem cell treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Mondal from Spain came to India for the stem cell treatment of erectile dysfunction. Mondal is very appreciative to the clinic and feels that it has very high-end technologies and commendable staff to lawfully apply stem cell therapies for his problem. After undergoing stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India, he was able to have intercourse again after going through a stem cell therapy using cells taken from his own abdomen. He had recuperated satisfactory erectile function to accomplish penetrative sexual movement. This enhancement has been retained for one year, stipulating that this treatment may give him long-term benefits as well. He feels really happy and contended in life now.

Kelly living in Texas Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Optic Nerve Atrophy

After encountering a bike accident in college, Kelly living in Texas developed Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA), which triggered her vision to worsen over numerous years to the point where she had to quit from her job as well. ONA is a mild to severe impairment to the optic nerve that can unpleasantly affect central vision, peripheral vision and color vision. In Kelly’s case, she suffered head trauma in the accident and soon after experienced an eccentric sensation. Her vision damage was not abrupt, but advanced over time. She first began losing her visualization peripherally. This was a very sluggish and a steady process. She was still able to partake normally in sports and classes in high school. The outcome was an improvement in her visual insight, from being able to see zilch to being able to notice light. It was concluded that she suffered from ONA. Then, her family decided to take her to India for stem cell treatment. They came here via SCCI and now, after the treatment, she is relay doing well. There can be massive improvements seen in her vision.

Pierra Tirekon from Africa Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Sport Injury

Pierra Tirekon from Africa was a healthy, full of life tennis player and runner in her mid-forties.  Four months of doctor-ordered bed rest because of a complicated pregnancy altered everything. When Pierra was in conclusion permitted out of bed, the first thing she observed was an agonizing pain in her buttocks. Whether she was trying to play tennis or merely sitting on the sofa, the pain was unbearable and ultimately spread to her other hip too. Traditional treatment began with some examinations that included MRIs, x-rays, a head exam and assessments for arthritis. Inept to identify the main reason of her pain, Pierra underwent recurrent therapies and surgeries. Regrettably, these treatment approaches only provided provisional respite. Eyeing for a long-standing solution to her aching, Pierra sought out a consultation for stem cell treatment from Stem Cell Care India. After five sittings of this treatment, she says that she is healed and pain-free to a great extent.  It is like a miracle to wake up in the morning and not feel agonizing pain any longer. Nowadays, she is back to relishing an energetic and healthy lifestyle and also do running, tennis, low-impact sports, etc.

Kelly from London Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Kelly from London. I am 48 years of age and married. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 15 years. I first realized something was inappropriate when, quite abruptly, I lost vision in my right eye and the left half of my body went moderately numb. I went to my local clinician who in turn directed me to a neurologist. He did all the examinations such as an MRI scan, lumbar puncture and numerous neuro examinations. Then, I was told that I have MS. In the last 4 years, I have become enormously worse: exhaustion is there; my left leg does not want to do what I want it to do, etc. I did piles of research on it and decided to e-mail Stem Cell Care India about what they can do regarding adult stem cells. In November 2018, my husband and I went for stem cell treatment. I have returned home now for six weeks and I feel so much healthier. I can stand for a lengthier time on my legs, my balance has amended, my walking has marginally improved and I can walk for lengthier periods of time unassisted. I look healthy once again.

Mr. Johnson from Melbourne Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of COPD

Mr. Johnson, 41 year old gentleman from Melbourne was diagnosed with COPD in his early 30s. In the initial years, he felt he was just weak when he was not able to participate in sports or do out-of-doors activities, but hostile health conditions in the year 2018 led him to explore about stem cells treatment and finally decided to visit India through Stem Cell Care India. In May of 2018, he received the stem cells injection and was instantaneously feeling very good. He continued to feel good and little by little he felt much better. He stated “I noticed that my stamina and breathing ability was much better. Every month I felt better and had amplified stamina. I am not running any competitions and I still look after myself but I use much less medications now. I can only hope that I keep refining in health with each passing day. SCCI centre was just wonderful; very specialized in everything they do. I was so fortunate to have been able to opt for this treatment here.

Chapel from Brazil Came in for Stem Cell Treatment of Orthopedic

Chapel from Brazil has always been active in sports and a workout fanatic. In 2010, a wear on his left knee had instigated the condition of ACL. Chapel has referred an orthopedic surgeon, who confirmed the diagnosis and suggested surgical intervention. He had a complete ACL and meniscus tear. Stem cell treatment at SCCI saved him from getting operation and arthritis. He feels like he never had the ACL torn. He says “I can bend my knees now and feel that I can do any kind of movement of workout with my legs. I have to say that I have been most awe-struck by your overall professional methodology and the advantage that I have gotten from the stem cell inoculation in my knee and also my shoulder.”

Clark from Kenya Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Autism

Clark is from Kenya and he came to India for his son’s stem cell treatment. Though a non-invasive treatment, having the crew who comprehend your doubts as somebody who does not have much familiarity regarding the stem cell therapy for Autism categorically made me feel comfortable. The finest and most esteemed thing about Stem Cell Care India is that they do not speak to their patients using medical verbiages. The crew discussed and clarified every miniscule part about Autism and how stem cell therapy can aid my son in a very clear and unpretentious way that we had no uncertainty or apprehension about it. It has been nearly 4.5 months since my 13-year-old son’s stem cell treatment for Autism at SCCI began and in at the present time, he is doing admirably in his day to day life and we have witnessed substantial improvement in his condition as equated to what it was before this therapy.

Patrik from Singapore Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Patrik is a 28 year old man. At the age of 14 he faced an accident and since then he has been on a wheel chair. He was detected with severe spinal cord injury. His parents brought her to India for the Stem Cell Treatment to help with his condition. He received the stem cell treatment for her Spinal Cord Injury via Stem Cell Care India. To him, ascertaining this treatment has given a hope again. He did not anticipate himself to be able to go through this condition, but now after the treatment he is recuperating amazingly. So as to maximize the utilization rate of these cells and elicit the use of the patient’s muscles, Patrik also had gone through sessions of rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. Following the treatment, he experienced more strength in the movements of his legs. Furthermore, he observes more sensation, an improved balance and also massive improvement in his core muscles.