Patient from Gurgaon , India Came for Stem Cell Therapy

I met with an accident, I was travelling by road and somebody hit me from behind and my helmet came off leaving me with grave injuries on my face and because of one of the injuries I lost the vision in my eye because my optic nerves were damaged. I was taken to AIMS immediately after the accident and post that I was shifted to the main AIMS, I had my treatment over there for around 15 20 days including steroid treatment then operation. They did optic nerve decompression and after that again steroid treatment but the doctors mentioned that it wouldn’t be possible to get the vision back if it’s completely lost. I lost my vision completely and I couldn’t perceive light and after 15-20 days they discharged me saying that with time it may recover they didn’t give me any preferred timeline or any other treatment to pursue. Three months later I went to another hospital in Chennai I got my diagnosis over there and they said the same thing. I had lost hope and I was not sure if there is any treatment for my condition. I kept looking for other treatments and in 2020 around September October I started searching for stem cells. I got to know about stem cells through the internet I was doing some research so I got to know about stem cells. After that I looked for people who were doing stem cell treatment in India and after multiple attempts, I couldn’t

reach the concerned people and somehow I reached them and they informed me that again that results in my case might not be that effective. So I kept looking I didn’t stop over there and then I got in touch with the Stem Cells Care in India and 2021 I started discussing with them the treatment and after in-depth discussion, I decided to go for the treatment and on 31st march 2021 I got admitted and I had my procedure done on 1st April. The struggle that started on the 11th of August 2019, when I was 23years old, has finally ended with the help of Stem Cell Care India.

Riya Sarkar From Kolkata Came Us for Tuberculosis Meningitis

Hi, I am Riya Sarkar. I have come here from Kolkata. In 2015, I suffered from tuberculosis meningitis. After that, I lost the vision of my eyes. In order to get an apt yet effective treatment, I consulted a lot of doctors at a lot of hospitals like Vimhans, CMC, etc. But, everywhere, the doctors told me that my condition is incurable and there isn’t any treatment for my condition. After that, we searched online and got to know about the miracles of stem cell treatment. In India, the best is Stem Cell Care India. I got admitted in hospital via Stem Cell Care India on 7th March. On 8th March, I was injected with stem cells injection. After that, doctor said that he is hoping that I will get better and will be able to see the world again as I can get back my lost vision. Initially, I was very nervous and scared before taking the stem cell treatment. However, doctors at SCCI treated me so well. They carried out my treatment so well and with utmost carefulness. I am really happy after receiving treatment from SCCI.

Vijay Kumar From Hoshiarpur, Punjab Came Us for Eye Treatment

Hi, I am Vijay Kumar and I live in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. 3 months back, there was some problem that occurred in my eyes. Because of that problem, I lost my vision. After trying a lot of other treatments, I finally decided to undergo stem cell treatment. I researched about Stem Cell Care India. Then, I came to Delhi and contacted my known people in Faridabad for proper diagnosis. After the stem cell therapy was given to me, I am feeling a lot better. After the 2nd day of stem cell injections, I am feeling there is a lot if improvement in my condition. Thanks to the whole team of Stem Cell Care India. They have taken really good care of me here. I am hopeful that God will do much better for me ahead in life.

Rohit Came to Us for Stem Cell Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Hi, I am Rohit and I have erectile dysfunction problem. I knew I had this problem from past 1 year. Probably from past 6 years, I was having this issue and gradually it increased with time. I took me a lot of time to realize that I had erectile dysfunction. When I was 17 years old, I had Hodgkin lymphoma for which I underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After that, there was some effect on the nerves because of which I developed erectile dysfunction. Since 2014, I was facing many health concerns and digestive problems too. To cure my ED, I started with medicines but even after high dosage of tablets, I was not able to improve my condition. After that, I went to another doctor for shock treatment. There was a bit of improvement after that therapy but I wasn’t much satisfied. Then, at that time, I researched a lot about stem cell therapy and I read a lot about it. It is a new technology and the results are promising. I contacted Stem Cell Care India via mail and they explained me the whole process and also told me about the fees. I came here and I am taking stem cell treatment via Stem Cell Care India. I am hopeful that my condition will improve.

Father of Vardaan Chauhan Came Us for Autism Disorder Treatment

Hi, I have come here for the treatment of my son Vardaan Chauhan. He is 5.5 years old. Some time ago, when he was 3.5 years old, we noticed some abnormality in his behavior and verbal activity and also delay in speech. So, we consulted with some of the pediatricians and other doctors. At that time, we were suggested to opt for psychological assessment that was done in RML in 2008. Then, we finally got to know after lots of discussions, reports and psychological assessments that he has autism disorder. As a consequence of that disorder, he was not able to speak and had zero eye contact by that time and he was hyper active. So, we started with some occupational therapies and speech therapies occasionally. Then, few months back, we got to know about stem cell therapy from other people. We decided to opt for this via Stem Cell Care India. After the stem cell therapy, my son’s condition has improved a lot. He is able to make eye contact now, which earlier he was not able to make. He now tries to pull and push us if he needs something. We can see positive results in a comparatively y shorter time. He tries to communicate with us. We are hopeful that his condition will improve further. The staff and doctors were very helpful. I am thankful to the whole team of Stem Cell Care India.

Naushad Rahman

Hi, my name is Naushad Rahman. This is my son Afnaf Nuashad who is having cerebral palsy and he is having an intellectual disability. He is 14 years now. He was diagnosed with this ailment at the age of 2 and then only we started his medication but his millstones were much delayed. At the age of 4, we started with his speech therapy and occupational therapy. He was also on seizures medicines. Till now,
we were only following these 3 therapies. He had gradually improved with these therapies, especially speech therapy. However, at the age of 6, his condition wasn’t much improved as per his age. When we were searching for some clinical treatment for this disorder, we came across stem cell therapy. Whole probing more about this therapy, we found about Stem Cell Care India. It is one of the best centers for
stem cell therapy. We had a chat with its representative and once we did lot of studies, we found this one of much convenient for us and we decided to come down here for our treatment. My son has undergone stem cell treatment here and we hope for the best for the future.

Father of Saatvik Singh Autism Spectrum Disorder Noida, India

I am Kunal’s father Mr. VishwajeetMondal. I came to Delhi from Kolkata. My son is suffering from Optic Neuropathy from past 2 years. His treatment course is going on during which he developed some eye problems. His vision in both the eyes has reduced significantly. We were really bothered for him and took him to several clinics for treatment. But there were not much improvement in his condition. Then, we came to Delhi and got to know about stem cell treatment for optic atrophy from Stem Cell Care India. The doctors at Stem Cell Care India promised us to treat my son’s eyes perfectly. So, as per their promise, they have been treating my son with great care and precision via stem cell therapy. Stem cells injections have been given to my son and doctors also gave him multi-vitamins tablets. we will be leaving for Kolkata on 5th  October 2020 and we are hopeful that this treatment works really well on him and we are quite appreciative of the staff of Stem Cell Care India.

Steve Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment For Eyes.

Steve Paul, a 62 year old gentleman had been struggling with age related macular degeneration from infancy and was officially blind for past 42 years. He decided to settle on stem cell therapy with Stem Cell Care India. Considering its clinical condition and pre-treatment valuations, he was administered stem cells taken from bone marrow + adipose tissue via intravitreal as well as retrobulbar method to authorize their targeted delivery. The outcomes were outstanding as confirmed and acknowledged through his recent investigations. He and his wife both are really pleased with the SCCI’s professionalism.

Jamie Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment

Jamie was exhibiting visible signs of SMD since the year 2009 and he was lastly diagnosed spinal muscular dystrophy in 2011. Despite physical therapy and medicines he was not very contented with the outcomes he had accomplished so far. He decided to settle on stem cell therapy in India via SCCI. After the treatment, he experienced lots of heath improvement. Following these improvements, they decided to go ahead with another round of cell therapy for muscular dystrophy treatment in India in 2013 September.