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We look after you remarkably!

Stem Cell Care India team members are here to help, assisting and guide you through the patient procedure. Patient Advocates are available to answer your queries and arrange for comprehensive information about stem cell therapy. To find out if you are a contender for adult stem cell treatment, call to talk to a Patient Advocate at (phone number) or click here to provide your contact information and we will quickly contact you.

Candidate qualification

  • So as to determine if you are a worthy contender for adult stem cell treatment, you will need to complete a medical history form which will be offered by your SCCI Patient Advocate.
  • Once you complete and submit your medical history form, our medical squad will review your records and decide if you are an eligible contender for adult stem cell therapy.
  • Once approved, your Patient Advocate will help you with scheduling your appointment for stem cell treatment.

Medical History Prescreening

Once your appointment for stem cell treatment has been scheduled, a member of our medical squad will contact you and complete a medical history prescreen review.  A Clinical Care Coordinator will offer you an in-depth treatment schedule to include the essential forms and medical requirements.  Added testing might be required.

Travel Arrangements, Accommodations and Transportation

Our devoted Clinical Care Coordinators will work closely with you to coordinate your travel, hotel accommodations and transportation provisions. Our travel concierge will be in contact with you upon arrival and help you with any queries or requests you might have during your visit with us.

Your 3-Day Visit

Patients getting stem cell treatment via Stem Cell Care India will visit our treatment center for a total of three days.

Day One

Your first day at Stem Cell Care India consists of pre-operative appointment with your doctor which consists of a review of your medical history and a physical inspection. Furthermore, patients are encouraged to attend patient orientation where you will be taken step-by-step through the next three day of your visit. Patient queries and family participation is very much encouraged.

Day Two

On day two, patients arrive at the Stem Cell Care India for stem cell treatment. The minimally invasive same day out-patient stem cell process takes around four to five hours.

Day Three

The concluding day of your visit includes a post-operative follow-up appointment. You will get a personalized health recovery program designed for you centered on your particular medical prerequisites to maximize your overall health and recovery.  Post treatment care directions will be reviewed with you.

Post Treatment Follow-up

We being committed towards supporting our stem cell patients, an affiliate of our clinical team will follow-up with a series of post-treatment phone calls over the next 12 months.